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Baking Supplies Goodies from Da Jia Fa 大家發食品原料DIY烘培, Taiwan

During the process of planning our Taiwan trip many months ago, my sis and I wanted to fit in at least one baking supplies shop visit into our itinerary. There is a baking shop (Bake It Yourself) near where we stayed however judging from online photos, it looks like an upscale place and they seems to concentrate more on cake decorating items.

After some research, we decided to give Da Jia Fa 大家發食品原料DIY烘培 a go on day 5 which is located at Banqiao district in New Taipei City. To go there, you need to take the Bannan Line (blue) to Jiangzicui MRT station and then walk about 20mins. I dreaded this 20mins walk but the walk turns out to be very interesting as we passed by many shops along the way (some old & some new); another layer of Taiwan explored! You can also stop at the Xinpu MRT station (same distance with Jiangzicui MRT station to Da Jia Fa). I choose to stop at Jiangzicui MRT station as it’s a straight line walk to Da Jia Fa. Alternatively you can take a cab. 😛

Da Jia Fa 大家發食品原料DIY烘培 @ Sanmin Road, New Taipei City
The Da Jia Fa orange signboard. As you near Da Jia Fa, you’ll pass Mercedes Benz and another car dealer.

Da Jia Fa 大家發食品原料DIY烘培 @ Sanmin Road, New Taipei City
That’s Da Jia Fa 大家發 on the right. FedEx used to occupy the shop next door (with the blank signboard).

Da Jia Fa 大家發食品原料DIY烘培 @ Sanmin Road, New Taipei City
The moment we stepped in the store, we got really excited. The place is huge. It’s the largest baking and cooking shop I’ve been to so far. The shop stocks about 50% on baking items and 50% on cooking items. We spent an hour in the shop. 🙂 They sell alcohol here like kahlua, rum and gin. Remember if you buy alcohol, you better call a cab as it’ll be a long heavy walk back to MRT.

Baking Haul From Da Jia Fa 大家發食品原料DIY烘培
What we bought at Da Jia Fa. Not much eh?

Bamboo Steamer Cloths From Da Jia Fa 大家發食品原料DIY烘培
Bamboo steamer cloth (6 pieces) @ NT$50.

Peppermint Syrup & Grenadine Syrup From Da Jia Fa 大家發食品原料DIY烘培
Peppermint syrup and grenadine syrup @ NT$45 each. No idea what is grenadine but we just bought it. Haha (Note: grenadine is made from pomegranate. Pomegranate in French means grenade. It’s use for cocktails for its color and taste)

Non-Stick Madeleine Pan From Da Jia Fa 大家發食品原料DIY烘培
Madeleine pan (non-stick) @ NT$599. About RM80… yes expensive eh. But I need to buy it no matter what. Regretted not buying this pan when I was in Paris and when I couldn’t find them in Malaysia, I knew I need to get it somewhere else. Have baked a batch so far. 🙂

Banneton Proofing Basket, Mousse & Cookie Moulds From Da Jia Fa 大家發食品原料DIY烘培
Banneton proofing basket (18cm) @ NT$240.
Mousse mould @ NT$65. When I got back home, I was wondering why I only buy one!?!
Cookie moulds (from left to right) @ NT$17, NT$20, NT$26.

Anyone know where I can get traditional Taiwanese wooden moulds (of any kind) in Taiwan?

大家發食品原料DIY烘培 (Da Jia Fa)
No. 101, Section 1, Sanmin Road,
Banqiao District,
New Taipei City,
台北縣 220 板橋市三民路一段 101 號

Phone: (+886) 2 8953-9111
Opening time: 9.30am-10pm, daily
Nearest MRT: Jiangzicui MRT station (easiest as it’s a straight walk) or Xinpu MRT station



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