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  • Korean

    Sigeumchi Namul – Korean Spinach Side Dish

    After procrastinating for so long, I’ve finally made sigeumchi namul 시금치나물 (Korean spinach side dish) at home. Can’t believe how easy it is! Sigemuchi 시금치 means spinach while namul 나물 means seasoned…

  • Indian, Side Dish, Vegetable

    Gujarati-Style Spicy Potatoes

    This Gujarati-style potatoes recipe will tease your taste buds in a roller-coaster ride. Why I said that? You’ll get all sort of tangy-spicy-aromatic punch in this dish. It’s interesting and wonderful. For…

  • Korean

    Kongguksu – Soy Milk Noodles

    Soy milk noodles (콩국수) or Kongguksu is a summer specialty dish made with chilled soy milk (soybean) and wheat noodles. And the fact that it’s healthy and vegetarian make this a very…

  • Korean

    Doljaban Muchim – Seasoned Seaweed

    Seasoned Seaweed (돌자반 무침/김자반 무침) or doljaban muchim/gimjaban muchim is a type of banchan (side dish) in Korean cuisine. This dish uses a type of seaweed called doljaban or gimjaban which is…

  • Paris

    Maoz Vegetarian Falafel @ Paris, France

    I’ve always been interested in middle eastern food and when I found out Paris has two famous falafel restaurants (Maoz and L’As Du Falafel) located very near to Notre Dame Cathedral, I…