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  • Cake

    Vanilla Cupcakes (Recipe From Primrose Bakery)

    Hey all, Happy New Year 2016! ๐ŸŽ‰ Have a fab, happy and healthy year! I’ll start my first post of 2016 with a sweet treat. Vanilla cupcakes (recipe from Primrose Bakery)…

  • Dessert

    Vanilla Ice-Cream

    Arm with my new robot-like ice-cream maker, I choose vanilla ice-cream as the first ice-cream to make. There’s no doubt about it as vanilla is the most classic and basic flavor for…

  • How To

    How To Make Vanilla Sugar

    To the expert, professional and veteran baker, vanilla sugar is a norm baking ingredient. However to a novice or amateur baker like me it’s something new and exciting. Vanilla sugar is actually…

  • How To, Tarts

    Vanilla Custard Tart

    Like the delicious butter cake recipe, this beautiful vanilla custard tart is another fine way to enjoy the very best flavour of vanilla. This flexible recipe lets you make either a 9″…

  • Cake

    Butter Cake

    What do you do with good quality vanilla? Bake a simple butter cake to enjoy the aromatic vanilla flavour of course! This butter cake recipe is way better than the Chocolate and…