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  • Drinks, Japanese

    Kinako Latte きな粉ラテ

    Kinako きな粉 or 黄粉 is roasted soybean powder/flour. It is known as yellow flour in Japan. This flour is usually used for coating mochi (a type of wagashi), topping for ice-cream and…

  • Korean

    Kongguksu – Soy Milk Noodles

    Soy milk noodles (콩국수) or Kongguksu is a summer specialty dish made with chilled soy milk (soybean) and wheat noodles. And the fact that it’s healthy and vegetarian make this a very…

  • Chinese, Side Dish, Tofu

    Steamed Silky Soft Tofu

    I’ve been eating quite a lot of steamed silky soft tofu lately and am itching to make one myself. Just so happened my mom have a tofu recipe book. It has nearly…