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  • How To, Soup

    How To Make Pork Stock

    Have you ever wondered how a bowl of Chinese pork/chicken/prawn noodles from hawker stall is ever so rich in taste? Okay, msg might be one of the reasons. But then, have you…

  • Chinese

    Pot Stickers (Chinese Pan-Fried Dumplings)

    Pot stickers (鍋貼 guōtiē) aka Chinese pan-fried dumplings is a significant dish for Chinese New Year. I can hear some of you moaning ‘Not again, dumplings?’. What can I say? Yup dumplings.…

  • Chinese, Pork

    Lion’s Head Meatballs

    Lion’s head meatball is a cuisine from Eastern China; Jiangsu province to be precised. Why the dish is called this name is because the meatballs (size of a small fist) resemble lion…

  • Chinese, Pork, Side Dish

    Hakka Pork Belly With Yam

    Pork belly with yam (芋头扣肉 wu tau kau yoke) is a Hakka dish and it’s one of my favorite Chinese food. Just thinking about it ahhh… lau hau sui (salivate). Problem is…