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  • Korean

    Jatjuk – Pine Nut Porridge

    One fine day, I came across jatjuk 잣죽 at Maangchi’s website. What else? I quickly added it to my to-try list. Jatjuk 잣죽 means pine nut porridge. Jat 잣 is pine nut…

  • Korean

    Baesuk – Korean Steamed Pear

    A couple of years ago, I made baesuk 배숙 to help clear an oncoming cold. Safe to said that I was as healthy as a pear 🍐 after that. This amazing steamed…

  • Italian

    Pesto Made With Mortar & Pestle

    I’ve never tasted pesto prior to year 2013 (yes, seriously!). The only time I eat pesto is the one made from my own kitchen. I’ve never tried pesto from restaurant therefore I…