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  • Pork

    Roasted Minced Pork Stuffed Portobello Mushroom

    I rarely eat portobello mushrooms because they are quite expensive (according to this stingy lady’s perception). However when I saw that a supermarket is selling ’em in loose form (yes to zero…

  • Noodles

    Arrowhead Mushroom Miso Noodle Soup

    Happy New Year!!! Let’s start 2018 with a noodle recipe for longevity purpose. I combine arrowhead (ngaku) and a couple of ingredients (mushroom, cabbage and pork) with miso to make a flavorful…

  • Chinese

    Pot Stickers (Chinese Pan-Fried Dumplings)

    Pot stickers (鍋貼 guōtiē) aka Chinese pan-fried dumplings is a significant dish for Chinese New Year. I can hear some of you moaning ‘Not again, dumplings?’. What can I say? Yup dumplings.…

  • Korean

    Dwaeji Mandu – Korean Pork Dumplings

    If you don’t know me by now, I’m a big fan of mandu 만두 (aka dumplings). I made pork & kimchi dumplings recently which are yums! In this post I will share…