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  • Juice, Smoothie & Shake

    Healthy Roselle Juice

    I was first introduced to Roselle at my local wet market earlier this year. This lovely maroon color ‘fruit’ from the hibiscus family caught my eyes as I was exiting the market.…

  • Juice, Smoothie & Shake

    Dates Milkshake

    I got hold of 2 packets of premium Arabian dates from Tupperware purchase recently due to the coming Hari Raya festival. Dates (or kurma in Malay language) are aplenty right now in…

  • How To

    Buying, Choosing & Cutting Avocado

    Before this year avocado is a foreign fruit to me. I have read & heard a great deal of goodness about this fruit (lower our LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol & increase our HDL…