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  • Klang

    Teochew Porridge @ Sin Teo Heng Restaurant, Klang

    Near the Klang KTM station, there’s this particular stretch of road which I really like. The pre-war buildings, the go back in time/antique-ness atmosphere and those businesses which have stood the ground…

  • Korean

    Gyeranppang – Korean Egg Bread

    I first found the existence of gyeranppang from a Korean food blog. Since then, I’ve been looking out for it. What’s gyeranppang 계란빵 ? Gyeran 계란 means egg and ppang 빵 means…

  • Chinese, Side Dish, Snack

    Spicy Tea Eggs

    This spicy tea eggs recipe is made from star anise and black Chinese tea. It’s so simple to make and the beautiful marbling effect is pretty awesome. But you know what? I…

  • Korean

    Mandu Guk – Korean Dumplings Soup

    After making dwaeji mandu, I went on to make mandu guk 만두국 (Korean dumplings soup) for my dad and myself adapted from Maangchi’s recipe again. My dad at first wanted some only…