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  • Soup

    Mushroom Coconut Soup With Cheese

    I was craving for mushroom soup recently. What’s better than cook it yourself, right? I don’t go for canned and fast food when it comes to mushroom soup. Actually, I try not…

  • Cookies

    Chinese New Year Cookies: Laksa Cookies

    I was intrigued by this laksa cookies found in Flavours magazine many moons ago. Laksa cookies? Never heard of it or tasted it before. Interesting!!! However I was put off by the…

  • Dessert

    Avocado Coconut Ice-Cream

    Are you an avocado lover? I sure am. Ever since I saw this avocado coconut ice-cream post at David Lebovitz’s blog, I know I gotta make it. Making ice-cream is an easy…

  • Cookies

    Chinese New Year Cookies: Kuih Bangkit

    Kuih Bangkit is one of the classic Chinese New Year cookies (others are Kuih Kapit @ Love Letter and Pineapple Tarts) loved by Malaysians. What’s loved about this traditional Nyonya cookie is…