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  • Chinese

    Shoyu Koji Bakkwa 醤油糀肉乾

    Bakkwa 肉乾 or ròu qián (pronounced as rou gan) or Chinese dried meat is ohhh so lip-smacking good. 👍😋🤤❤️ Once you tried it you will love it for life! This smoky, salty…

  • Cookies

    Chinese New Year Cookies: Laksa Cookies

    I was intrigued by this laksa cookies found in Flavours magazine many moons ago. Laksa cookies? Never heard of it or tasted it before. Interesting!!! However I was put off by the…

  • Chinese, Side Dish

    Braised Arrowheads With Mushrooms

    Since Chinese New Year is few weeks away, arrowhead or ngaku is abundantly found in supermarkets and markets in Malaysia. My dad cooked an arrowhead side dish for Chinese New Year last…

  • Cookies

    Almond London Cookies

    What can I say except Almond London cookie is a well-known cookie amongst Malaysians. No matter what celebration we’re in… Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or Deepavali, there sure is Almond London…