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  • Taiwan

    Taiwanese TKK Fried Chicken

    After a tiresome, hungry and slightly disappointed afternoon on day 4 in Taiwan (I’ll tell you what it was later in another post here), we proceed to the nearby Eslite Xinyi Store…

  • Chicken

    Simple Grilled Chicken Breasts

    Initially I wanted to learn how to make teriyaki chicken but since I didn’t have the ingredients (sake, mirin), I looked for the substitute and came upon this chicken marinade that uses…

  • Chicken

    Braised Chicken With Mushroom Hot Pot

    I cook for my lunch on weekdays for more than 6 months now. Yes, I seldom eat out. One thing is it’s healthier, it’s also cheaper and I can embark on my…

  • Chicken, Quick & Easy

    Pan-Fried Tahini Chicken

    With leftovers chicken fillets and tahini (from my previous bake a year ago hah!), I coughed up this dish one fine Saturday. The result were awesome and I got a seal of…