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  • Chicken

    Simple Grilled Chicken Breasts

    Initially I wanted to learn how to make teriyaki chicken but since I didn’t have the ingredients (sake, mirin), I looked for the substitute and came upon this chicken marinade that uses…

  • Chicken

    Braised Chicken With Mushroom Hot Pot

    I cook for my lunch on weekdays for more than 6 months now. Yes, I seldom eat out. One thing is it’s healthier, it’s also cheaper and I can embark on my…

  • Chicken, Quick & Easy

    Pan-Fried Tahini Chicken

    With leftovers chicken fillets and tahini (from my previous bake a year ago hah!), I coughed up this dish one fine Saturday. The result were awesome and I got a seal of…

  • London

    Garfunkel’s Restaurant @ London

    The 2nd time we’re in London after coming in through Eurostar from Paris, first thing we did is went shopping. As London is our entry and departure point it’s no wonder we…