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  • How To

    Super Easy Chicken Stock In Slow Cooker

    What makes a stock? Bones baby! Bones are the essence of stock. Some meat might still adhere to the bone and that is okay. For making chicken stock, you can use chicken…

  • Chicken

    Sumac Rosemary Lemon Roasted Chicken

    Woah, the last time I posted a recipe was back in February. That’s really a long time ago. To break the ice, I thought I’ll share this sumac rosemary lemon roasted chicken…

  • Chicken, Japanese

    Crispy Chicken Katsu チキンカツ

    Don’t cha love chicken katsu (チキンカツ)? I do! Imagine fried breaded thin slice of chicken… so tender and yummy. What’s not to like? First thing first, what’s katsu? Katsu is actually the…

  • Taiwan

    Taiwanese TKK Fried Chicken

    After a tiresome, hungry and slightly disappointed afternoon on day 4 in Taiwan (I’ll tell you what it was later in another post here), we proceed to the nearby Eslite Xinyi Store…