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  • Italian, Pork

    Meatza Margherita

    Have you ever heard of meat crust pizza before? Say what? Meat.Crust.Pizza, as in using meat as a pizza crust, as in bye-bye dough-based pizza crust for now. Instead of pizza, it’s…

  • Italian, Sauce

    Simple Pomarola (Tuscan Tomato Sauce)

    Since a long time ago I am intrigued by the red-colored sauce called tomato sauce. I don’t mean tomato ketchup (condiment) though I am interested to make my own one day. In…

  • Italian

    Pizza Margherita

    With my latest two posts about making tomato sauce and pizza dough, I’m sure you can predict my next post will be the finished pizza. With Jamie Oliver’s quickest tomato sauce and…

  • Italian

    Pesto Made With Mortar & Pestle

    I’ve never tasted pesto prior to year 2013 (yes, seriously!). The only time I eat pesto is the one made from my own kitchen. I’ve never tried pesto from restaurant therefore I…