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    Can I Freeze Avocados & What’s The BEST Way?

    Have you ever asked yourself this question: Can I freeze avocado? I sure did. Plenty of times. Because you see, if you’re an avocado lover ๐Ÿ’— and you know out-of-season avocados are…

  • Dessert

    Avocado Coconut Ice-Cream

    Are you an avocado lover? I sure am. Ever since I saw this avocado coconut ice-cream post at David Lebovitz’s blog, I know I gotta make it. Making ice-cream is an easy…

  • Appetizer, Dip, Mexican, Recipes

    Classic Guacamole Recipe

    Guacamole is a Mexican dip, snack, appetizer made from avocado. And it is one of my favorite snack. This is how I first fall head over heels with avocado… with the introduction…

  • How To

    Buying, Choosing & Cutting Avocado

    Before this year avocado is a foreign fruit to me. I have read & heard a great deal of goodness about this fruit (lower our LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol & increase our HDL…