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Sauerkraut, Date & Cream Cheese Toast

I created this recipe when I had too many dates on hand. Before I knew it, it becomes my favorite go-to breakfast, brunch and snack. It uses simple ingredients and is quick to put together. Give it a try!

Sauerkraut, Date & Cream Cheese Toast
I love the combination of sauerkraut, date & cream cheese on toast.

Let’s toast.

Sauerkraut & Date
A heaping teaspoon of sauerkraut and a large soft type date. I used kurma madu from Yusuf Taiyoob.

The sauerkraut was wildly & lacto-fermented by yours truly. It’s a living food. If you’re to buy sauerkraut from the supermarket, make sure it’s located at the cold section, has not been heated/pasteurized and does not contain vinegar. If not, there’s no point in eating fermented food for their benefits have been stripped off or never even existed in the first place. I highly recommend you to ferment sauerkraut at home. It’s so easy and contains so many benefits.

Sauerkraut & Chopped Date
Remove the date’s seed and coarsely chop the date.

Natural Cream Cheese
Use natural cream cheese. I’m so glad to have found one that only contains cream, skim milk and salt. No dirty ingredients unless it’s hidden.

Toasted Sourdough Bread
Toast a slice of sourdough bread until golden brown, light and crisp. Use sourdough bread that has a soft texture like white sandwich bread. I’d tried using crusty sourdough bread and it’s a no-no.

Spread Generous Amount Of Cream Cheese On Toasted Sourdough Bread
Apply a generous amount of cream cheese on the toasted sourdough bread.

Sauerkraut, Date & Cream Cheese Toast
Lastly, sprinkle sauerkraut and date on the soft creamy bed of cream cheese toast. That’s it. Dig in yo!

Sauerkraut, Date & Cream Cheese Toast
First, you get the sweet and tangy flavors enveloping your mouth and then the cream cheese will sneak in from behind and wah la… a burst of home! Really, home. 🏡

Sauerkraut, Date & Cream Cheese Toast
Serve 1

1 slice of sourdough bread (soft texture similar to white sandwich bread)
Natural cream cheese
1 heaped teaspoon sauerkraut (wild & alive)
1 large soft date, deseeded and chopped coarsely (I used kurma madu)

1. Toast bread on a skillet until golden brown and crisp.

2. Spread cream cheese generously on toasted bread.

3. Add sauerkraut and chopped date sparsely on the cream cheese toasted bread.


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