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Butter & Sugar Bread

Here I am… going down to yet another memory lane. I hope the pan-fried ang ku kueh post brings fond memories of yesteryear to some of you. It certainly did for me.

This time, I’m sharing an old recipe that my mom (who doesn’t know how to cook till today) made for my sister and me when we were schooling. I remember our school’s lunchbox always come with this favorite of mine. The combination of butter and sugar on a slice of bread was pure joy. When I think back, I cannot believe that we kiddos were able to fill our tummy with just that. Whenever I think of this snack, it’s the image of my mom making the butter & sugar bread hurriedly in the morning because she overslept (I remember disliking the bread crust, so mom would remove it for me. ❤️) and the joy of biting into specks of sugar in a buttery ocean!

Butter & Sugar Bread
Simple, fast, easy and so delicious. Give this butter & sugar bread a try!

I think I had this again when I was older and then we never make it again. As I was in a toast fever (every day makan toast) recently, somehow I suddenly have the idea to revisit this old favorite snack of mine. So glad I did. When I drilled mom recently asking how she knew how to make this and various other questions, she told me that her mom used to make it for her as her school’s lunch. What!?! Are you telling me this snack existed way back ahem ahem? I cannot reveal when just know it’s decades back. Wow!!! Was I shock big time.

There is no measurement for this recipe. You just go by heart and sense. Why not try one with minimal butter (just a thin spread of butter) and one with lots of butter and see which one you like?

Lots Of Butter On Sourdough Bread
For me, I apply lots of BUTTER! Mom would apply a thin layer. I use unsalted butter as it’s the only one I have but I believe salted butter is the best for this.

Then, sprinkle with the sugar of your choice, as generously as you can. I use organic raw cane sugar and mom used castor sugar.

Butter & Sugar Bread
Butter & sugar bread is ready. Mom would fold the bread in half when she made it for us. For now, I prefer an open face. If you use thick bread like this one, there’s no point in folding it as it’s too thick to enjoy the filling.

I’ve eaten this bread & sugar combination with white bread, whole wheat bread and sourdough bread and the best one is truly the white bread just like what mom used. In this photo, I’m using sourdough bread which may not be a good choice due to the sour taste but I’ll take it no matter what.

Butter & Sugar Bread
Butter & sugar bread is 😋 awesome for snack time and tea time. I wouldn’t say lunch. 😛

Share with us your experience if you have eaten this before. If this is your first time hearing about it, come give it a try!

Butter & Sugar Bread
Serves 1-2

2-3 slices of bread
salted butter; unsalted butter can be used as well
organic unrefined raw cane sugar or vanilla sugar or any other types of sugar

1. Place bread on a plate and apply butter to the bread. The amount of butter is to your heart content.

2. Sprinkle a generous amount of sugar on top of the butter. Serve as is or fold the bread in half before serving.


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