Buddha’s Fruit & Red Dates Drink

Recently I found another interesting cooking book from my mom’s stash of books. This one is all about cooking with Chinese herbs… something that I’ve always wanted to learn. For my first tryout, I choose to make a simple drink using Buddha’s fruit (羅漢果, 罗汉果, luo han kuo) and red dates (jujube). Luo han literal translation is Buddha and kuo is fruit, hence the name Buddha’s fruit.

Buddha's Fruit And Red Dates
I love it!

Ingredients For Buddha's Fruit And Red Dates
Clockwise from top: Rock sugar, red dates and Buddha’s fruit (luo han kuo).

Rinse dates and then slice it until the middle so that its flavour can easily seep out.

Buddha's Fruit or Luo Han Kuo
Luo han kuo consist of an outer soft shell and the fruits inside.
Since the shell is soft, you can easily twist/press it.

Do you know that both Stevia and Buddha’ fruit are natural sweeteners? They are 300 times sweeter than sugar.

Add water and the ingredients in a pot. Bring it to boil and then let it simmer for 45 minutes with lid close.

Since it was my first time dealing with luo han kuo, I didn’t know whether to add the shell of luo han or not as the ingredient calls for 1 whole fruit.

My mom usually cook together with the broken shell and she advises me to add it in but after some serious thought I didn’t think the shell will bring any effect to the brew and I also realized the fruit itself is 1 whole. Hence I removed the shell. LOL *silly me. So am I right? I was wrong!

I’m gonna consult a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner later about it. Hahaha 😛

Update: I consulted a TCM practitioner over the weekend. According to him the shell is so much sweeter than the fruit hence it’s advisable to include shell as well. 😛

Buddha's Fruit And Red Dates
This wonderful Buddha’s fruit and red dates drink is so very yummy. The sweetness is just right. I wish I’ve cooked more. Oh well, next time then. 🙂

According to the book, this brew is good for cleansing the body, aiding digestion and dispelling constipation.

Buddha’s Fruit & Red Dates Drink
Adapted from Cooking with Chinese Herbs
Serves 4

1, whole Buddha’s fruit (luo han kou/hawn gor/arhat fruit)
6 dried red dates (hong zao/hung cho/jujube), rinsed – slice dates until middle so that flavour can seep out easily
1 litre water
100g rock sugar (I use 80g which is just nice)

1. Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan.

2. Bring to boil and then reduce the heat and simmer for about 45 minutes.

3. Serve hot or cold.

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  • Reply smallkucing September 27, 2011 at 4:36 pm

    yes, its very good for cough too.

    • Reply Che-Cheh September 27, 2011 at 4:41 pm

      I just learned today it’s good for cough (while writing this post). 🙂

  • Reply Dawn October 3, 2011 at 11:37 pm

    I brew this concoction before taught by my mom. We included the loh hon kor shell, just crush it with the palm of our hand.

    • Reply Che-Cheh October 3, 2011 at 11:49 pm

      Wah cool. So this is a well known drink eh. Yum yum.
      Yeah just found out need to include the shell. Kekeke
      I have 2 other luo hon kuo with broken shells. Even this one that I used for this recipe has cracked shell. The shells are quite fragile.

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