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Vanilla Dadih

What in the world is Dadih? I thought it was sort of like jelly-pudding kind of thing. I didn’t know what it was and how it tasted like until I bought a packet of dadih powder and try it myself. I got hooked instantly. I LOVE LOVE LOVE dadih!!! Hehe (Dadih is curd)

Vanilla Dadih
Although I’ve never tasted the original dadih (you can read more about dadih and dadiah in wikipedia), I certainly like the one I’m having right now. It’s instant, super easy and the end result is super super delicious. Even my family love it.

Dadih Powder
Dadih powder. Instant and easy. This one is vanilla flavor. I’ve tried the yam one and it’s insanely good as well.

I got it from the local baking supplies store.

Dadih Powder + Fruit Sugar
Large packet: dadih powder, small packet: fruit sugar

Besides the 2 ingredients above, you’ll need a can of of evaporated milk and 3L of boiling water.

The whole process will take about 10 minutes.

Tupperware Silicone Bundt Kugelhopf
This is my beloved Tupperware silicone bundt pan which is ideal for baking cakes, bread and of course making jelly and dadih.

Few hours later…

Gold Bar? Nope It's Vanilla Dadih!
Look what we have here… gold nuggets? They sure look shiny.
It’s vanilla dadih!

Ahh if only I have some vanilla beans. It would taste even better.

Vanilla Dadih
Here’s the outcome of the dadih from my Tupperware silicone bundt pan. Don’t you love the pattern?

Vanilla Dadih
Dadih summary in 4 words (4 S’); SMOOTH, SOFT, SILKY & SWEET 🙂
You won’t be thinking about jelly after this. Haha

Guys, if you want to impress your girlfriend I think this would be a good choice. Hehe

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