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Easy Steamed Sweet Potato With Butter

I’ve been missing in action for almost 4 months. Busyness and laziness got the better of me but more on the former. Happy to be back (although I don’t know for how long).

While away, I thought about ending Messy Witchen. But, when I read back what I wrote here, it has imprints from moments and times that I will never get back. So precious. No worry. I’m keeping this preciousss. 💝

In my opinion, sweet potatoes are a tricky thing. No two types are alike. And, they come in different colors, flavors and textures. Some sweet potatoes are perfect for steaming and not frying and vice versa. I’ve tried many sweet potatoes in recent times and the one that I like the best is honey sweet potato which has a beautiful sweetness, is orange in color and has the right kind of texture that’s perfect for both steaming and frying. Ironically it’s from an online grocery delivery platform. I could never find one that’s similar to this one yet. Oh so perfect!

Enough about my favorite sweet potato. I’m sharing this extremely simple sweet potato with butter recipe which I’ve tried with my favorite sweet potato and others. In this recipe, I’m using a yellow sweet potato that I bought from a supermarket. This simple dish makes a beautiful appetizer and snack. Who knew sweet potato and butter (salted) are magic when brought together? I found this combination by accident one day when I was out of bread to accompany my butter. So, why not put it on steamed sweet potato?

Easy Steamed Sweet Potato With Butter
Looks like artwork on a plate except it can be eaten. Yes, you need thick butter and it must be more or less as thick as the sweet potato!!! 🧈🤤

Let’s cook!

Sweet Potato
Simply rinse the sweet potato before steaming.

Steam The Sweet Potato
When the steamer is boiling, add the sweet potato and steam over high heat. Mine about this size needed about 35 minutes of steaming.

To check if the steamed sweet potato is soft, use a chopstick to poke it into the center. If there’s no friction, then it’s done. Remove the steamed sweet potato from the steamer and put it aside until you’re able to handle it. Alternately, run the hot steamed sweet potato under cold running water. Peel the skin.

Next, slice the steamed sweet potato crosswise around 3mm-5mm in thickness and arrange them on a plate. As butter can melt, only slice the butter when you’re ready to serve. The butter thickness should be more or less equal to the thickness of the sliced sweet potato.

If you’re using salted butter, place the sliced butter on the sweet potato slices and serve. However, if you’re using unsalted butter, place it on the sweet potato slices and then sprinkle fleur de sel or coarse sea salt on the butter. Be quite generous.

Easy Steamed Sweet Potato With Butter
The ones in the photos are a tad lacking in generosity. Haha

Easy Steamed Sweet Potato With Butter
And when you eat butter, as recommended by Weston A. Price Foundation, it needs to have a resultant teeth mark. This one passed!

Easy Steamed Sweet Potato With Butter
Serves 1-2

1 sweet potato, any color or size, the best kind you can find, rinsed
butter, salted or unsalted
if using unsalted butter: fleur de sel or coarse sea salt

1. Boil the water in the steamer. Steam sweet potato over high heat. The sweet potato is done when a chopstick can easily poke into the center of the sweet potato.

2. Remove the steamed sweet potato. Once the steamed sweet potato is no longer hot to the touch, peel the sweet potato skin. Or you can cool the hot sweet potato under running water to cool it down quickly.

3. Slice the sweet potato to about 3mm~5mm in thickness crosswise. Arrange the steamed sweet potato on a plate.

4. When you’re ready to serve, slice the butter with the same thickness (or less) as the sliced sweet potato. Butter blocks usually come in rectangular or squarish cylinder shapes. Use whichever one you have. Place the sliced butter on each of the sweet potatoes.

5. If you’re using salted butter, then that’s it. It’s ready to be served. On the other hand, if you’re using unsalted butter, sprinkle fleur de sel or coarse sea salt on the butter quite generously and serve.

Hope you like it!

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