End Of An Era: Emporium Makan, Klang

I grew up alongside Emporium Makan, which is Klang’s oldest and longest operating food court. Opened in mid-1969, Emporium Makan is located strategically in the heart of Klang town. This half a century-old food court, unfortunately, is bound to be demolished. It’ll soon be the latest victim of demolished heritage buildings in the Royal Town of Klang. It’s this kind of time that I pray 🙏 our Sultan Selangor can intervene and help save Emporium Makan just like how he saved Kuan Yin Temple (over a century old!) from being demolished due to termites many years ago.

There used to be a supermarket called Gama on the first floor which was very popular in the 80s. However, the supermarket closed down a long time ago and efforts to make the empty place happening again failed big time. Besides, the vacant first floor isn’t in good condition.

Emporium Makan @ Klang
Packed! At one of the famous stall at Emporium Makan. Coincidentally, this is where I usually eat.

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Bread, French, Tarts

Cherry & Speculaas Brioche Tart – Tarte Brioche Aux Cerises Et Speculaas

When I first saw this cherry and speculaas brioche tart recipe and a couple of times after that, I couldn’t imagine how this tart would look like because I haven’t seen this type of tart before. In short, it’s cherries on brioche in tart form. It took me quite a bit of time to process everything. 😛 Brioche is my very favorite kind of bread because it’s so rich. It’s a French bread made using high amounts of eggs and butter which make this bread tender, light, and a little sweet.

Besides cherry clafoutis, this cherry and speculaas brioche tart is another wonderful solution when you have too many cherries 🍒🍒🍒 and not sure what to do with it. Sure you can freeze the cherries and use it later for smoothies, making sweet treats or eat it on its own, but I’ve learned that using fresh in-season cherries is the best way in respecting these wonderful bundles of nature and in return the joy they gave us.

Cherry & Speculaas Brioche Tart
This cherry and speculaas brioche tart delights me tremendously! ❤️❤️❤️

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Flans & Custards, French

Cherry Clafoutis – Clafoutis Aux Cerises

Cherry clafoutis or clafoutis aux cerises is a fruit-based traditional French dessert. Clafoutis is pronounced as clafouti (kla-fu-tee) in French. I have never heard of cherry clafoutis before until I was faced with loads of frozen cherries last year with more coming soon and not sure what to do with it besides eating it as is. You see, every cherry season (May/June to August) especially mid-July to early August, my family will make a pilgrimage or two to Isetan, KLCC to buy loads of cherries. Why? Because they have the cheapest cherry all over Klang Valley during that time (if I believe so). It’s as affordable as RM30/kg. Of course, if you include the parking cost and petrol then it’s another story.

Cherry Clafoutis
Cherry clafoutis is YUM!!! 🤤

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How To

How To Make Lightly Heated Yogurt In Thermos

I finally got my butt on yogurt making in July last year all thanks to the influence of my sister. 😉 Later when I was gifted with milk kefir grains, I began making it frequently and thus yogurt making was put aside and forgotten. This year, I started making yogurt again. I am currently embracing yogurt and milk kefir because both have different strains of good bacteria that will help strengthen and heal our guts and thus improving our overall well-being. Do you know that the gut is our second brain?

Lightly Heated Yogurt In Thermos
Homemade yogurt is the best! 💞

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How To, Pork

Rendered Lard (Pork Oil 猪油) & Crispy Pork Lard (Chu Yau Char 猪油渣)

Where there is pig, there will be lard. 🐷 Lard is animal fat derived from the fat of the pig. In China, people have been using and consuming lard for centuries and likewise in some parts of Asia and the world. From cooking delicious dishes, deep frying and making flaky pastries to making soap and more, lard is an amazing fat.

Rendered Lard (Pork Oil 猪油) & Crispy Pork Lard (Chu Yau Char 猪油渣)
Homemade rendered lard (pork oil 猪油) and crispy pork lard (chu yau char 猪油渣).

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Lap Mei Fan 臘味飯 Chinese Preserved (Waxed) Meat Claypot Rice

Whenever Chinese New Year is around the corner, one particular dish will always find its way into the welcoming households of the Chinese. This delightful dish from Southern China is called lap mei fan (臘味飯) or Chinese preserved meat claypot rice. Lap mei (臘味) are the assortment of Chinese preserved meats, also known as waxed meat. While fan (飯) means rice.

Lap Mei Fan 臘味飯 Chinese Preserved (Waxed) Meat Claypot Rice
Chinese preserved meat claypot rice or dearly known as lap mei fan 臘味飯 is comfort food for the soul. 💓

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