Arrowhead Mushroom Miso Noodle Soup

Happy New Year!!! Let’s start 2018 with a noodle recipe for longevity purpose. I combine arrowhead (ngaku) and a couple of ingredients (mushroom, cabbage and pork) with miso to make a flavorful noodle soup. Initially, I wanted to make arrowhead chips (Chinese New Year coming ma) but my mandoline malfunctioned. Since I’ve already peeled the arrowheads, might as well use it for cooking. Hence, this recipe is born.

Arrowhead Mushroom Miso Noodle Soup
Arrowhead mushroom miso noodle soup.
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How To

Can I Freeze Avocados & What’s The BEST Way?

Frozen Whole Avocado

Have you ever asked yourself this question: Can I freeze avocado?

I sure did. Plenty of times.

Because you see, if you’re an avocado lover 💗 and you know out-of-season avocados are not cheap, you would want to find a way to preserve all the affordable avocados you managed to grab buy during sale, and enjoy this super-duper yummy fruit whenever you want. Need to stock up whenever the price is right, right?

Like all perishable food, once they are past their best, you can’t eat it anymore. I found out the best way to preserve avocados are to freeze it. But how?
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Breakfast & Brunch, Muffins

Vegetables Buckwheat Quinoa Egg Muffins

I was kind off tired cooking nearly the same thing every time. So, to spice things up just a little bit, I decided to use a muffin/cupcake pan. Hmm, a savory muffin? Why not? This is where my vegetables buckwheat quinoa egg muffins is born! Though I eat it for lunch, this gluten free muffin is perfect for breakfast and brunch too. Heck, you can even eat it for dinner or snack. It’s suitable for all ages because it’s just so healthy.

Vegetables Buckwheat Quinoa Egg Muffins
Vegetables buckwheat quinoa egg muffins.
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Talk Food

Japanese Snack Haul From Narita Airport

For a traveler visiting Japan for the first time, saying goodbye to this land of awesome food and tradition was pretty difficult. Hence, to curb my Japan fever when I’m back home, I went pretty rampant at Narita Airport and hauled back quite a few Japanese snack.

These Japanese snack were from Fa-So-La Tax Free Akihabara (duty free shop) at Narita Airport Terminal 2.

Ueno-Fugetsudo Matcha Petites Gaufres
Ueno-Fugetsudo matcha petites gaufres. This is their seasonal flavor series.
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Chicken, Chinese, Quick & Easy, Side Dish

Easy One Plate Steamed Wine Chicken

In this era of extreme busyness, sometimes one can struggle to find time to cook homey healthy meal for the family. Eating out too much is no good ya. The solution? You need a recipe that you can prepare in advance during the weekend, and on the day you need to cook it, you don’t even have to spend 5 minutes in the kitchen. This particular Chinese chicken side dish has that characteristics.

Since it’s so easy, no step-by-step photo is provided. Just chuck everything in a plate and steam it. Steaming is a healthy way of cooking. So, another plus point.

Ready For Steaming
Everything in a plate before steaming.
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うまい鮨勘 Umai Sushikan @ Tokyo, Japan

When in Tsukiji Market, what shall one eat? Sushi of course! (besides the many snacks you can find there). We visited Tsukiji Market on day 15 of our Japan trip. It was our last full day in Japan before flying home.

I skipped those famous sushi shops where throngs of sushi fans form the long lines. I’m not at that sushi fanatic level. I can’t/don’t really eat raw and don’t know how to appreciate it. So, we randomly choose a sushi shop away from that row of famous sushi place. We went to Umai Sushikan うまい鮨勘. Sadly, there’s a line too. It should be good news, right? Means, it’s famous. LOL Time was around 12.05pm. So, I guess lunch crowds.

Umai Sushikan うまい鮨勘 @ Tsukiji Market, Tokyo
We were seated after about 30 minutes of waiting.
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