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Lap Mei Fan 臘味飯 Chinese Preserved (Waxed) Meat Claypot Rice

Whenever Chinese New Year is around the corner, one particular dish will always find its way into the welcoming households of the Chinese. This delightful dish from Southern China is called lap mei fan (臘味飯) or Chinese preserved meat claypot rice. Lap mei (臘味) are the assortment of Chinese preserved meats, also known as waxed meat. While fan (飯) means rice.

Lap Mei Fan 臘味飯 Chinese Preserved (Waxed) Meat Claypot Rice
Chinese preserved meat claypot rice or dearly known as lap mei fan 臘味飯 is comfort food for the soul. 💓

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Meatza Margherita

Have you ever heard of meat crust pizza before? Say what? Meat.Crust.Pizza, as in using meat as a pizza crust, as in bye-bye dough-based pizza crust for now. Instead of pizza, it’s called meatza. I assure you it has been in existence for quite a while and is well-known in paleo’s and keto’s communities. Whether you’re too lazy busy to make your own pizza dough, a meat lover, have special dietary needs of meat or following certain ways of eating, meatza is a good option anytime.

Recently, I made this delicious pomarola (Tuscan tomato sauce) so that I could make meatza! Meatza Margherita is the choosen one because I have always loved its simple+yet big flavors profile.

Meatza Margherita
When meatza meets Margherita = 🥰

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Italian, Sauce

Simple Pomarola (Tuscan Tomato Sauce)

Since a long time ago I am intrigued by the red-colored sauce called tomato sauce. I don’t mean tomato ketchup (condiment) though I am interested to make my own one day. In this case, I mean THE sauce that accompanies pasta and pizza. It sounds easy and simple to make but most of us would usually grab the bottled & canned stuff (usually loaded with preservatives, etc – yuck!). But then where are the joy of cooking if everything’s premade, right? It makes me wonder is it really that hard to make tomato sauce in the home kitchen?

This recipe shows how simple it is. Making my own tomato sauce in this case, a classic Tuscan tomato sauce called pomarola proved to be enjoying and very satisfying. This recipe uses only fresh ripe tomato. Begone, canned tomato. The resulting pomarola is better than anything on the supermarket’s shelves!

Pomarola - Tuscan Tomato Sauce
Simple Pomarola (Tuscan Tomato Sauce).
Filled to the brim in this 1 pint mason jar (473ml).

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Talk Food

My First Experience Making Hot Cross Buns

Every year around Easter I will surely be tempted by the throngs of hot cross buns’ photos and advertisements. This year I said to myself that it’s time to stop the curiosity and get into action. These hot cross buns are the product of my curiosity.

Hot Cross Buns
Shinning big nuggets of hot cross buns. Fresh from the oven and glazed. ❤️

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Chinese, Side Dish

Chinese Steamed 3 Colors Eggs 三色蛋

Yohoo… Calling all the egg lovers out there. If you’re looking for a dish that’s delicious and simple but most importantly has that eggstatic wow factor, then this Chinese steamed 3 colors eggs is a must try! This is a basic steamed chicken egg dish made more desirable with the addition of 2 kinds of eggs; salted duck egg and century duck egg. All the 3 eggs have different colors hence the name Chinese steamed 3 colors eggs (三色蛋).

This leveled up steamed egg dish is a classic Chinese dish commonly made at home. Sometimes you can find it at the restaurant’s menu, but if not try requesting for this dish. The chef might cook it for you. 😛

Chinese Steamed 3 Colors Eggs
Chinese steamed 3 colors eggs 三色蛋. 😍

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Breakfast & Brunch, Side Dish

Speculaas Fried Apples With Smoked Bacon & Honey

I’ve been eying this recipe for quite a while, and finally made it happen after rounds and rounds of procrastination. 🤪 According to what I read, fried apples is a classic breakfast and side dish of Southern cuisine (of USA). This recipe of mine is by no means authentic, as it has some twist added such as speculaas (speculoos/biscoff) spice, smoked bacon and using honey while giving the sugar a skip. Cooked apples are sweeter than its raw form, so you don’t have to put lots of sweetener in it. You can even skip the honey if you want to.

Speculaas Fried Apples With Smoked Bacon & Honey
Speculaas fried apples with smoked bacon & honey. Yum-yum. 🍎🥓🍯

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