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How To Make Vanilla Sugar

To the expert, professional and veteran baker, vanilla sugar is a norm baking ingredient. However to a novice or amateur baker like me it’s something new and exciting. Vanilla sugar is actually sugar + vanilla bean.

Vanilla Sugar
It’s so easy to make vanilla sugar that I actually have to chuckle big time in my heart when I saw ’em in supermarket aisle. Dearies, you don’t have to waste money for that. Make your own!

Vanilla Beans
My BIG fat vanilla beans bought from Paris.

Here’s how you make vanilla sugar:
1. Take a used vanilla bean or a fresh one that has been cut in half.
2. Scrap the seeds (or leftover beans) into the sugar (caster or icing) using the back of the knife’s blade.
3. Bury the bean in the sugar.
4. Tighten the jar/container and give it a shake so that the seeds are evenly distributed.
5. Wait a week or two before using.

*I don’t give the exact sugar quantity because it’s up to you. I’ve tried replenishing the sugar (add new sugar) while still using the old bean, fragrant is still very strong. Therefore sugar quantity can be anything. I usually fill it to the top of the jar with some space so that I can shake it.

What you can use vanilla sugar for?
Everything. Coffee, tea, cakes, cookies, custards, etc. Basically anything that involved sugar… substitute it with vanilla sugar. You’ll get the best and yummiest aroma!

Vanilla Sugar
I use a mason jar to store vanilla sugar.

Whenever I open the jar, I usually have to give it a smell. It gives off a soothing and calming vibe. 🙂 Something I really need before going into war with the kitchen! Hahaha

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