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Homemade Butter Experiments

Have you ever made your own butter?

I’ve never made one prior to this but has always been fascinated by the process. When I finally got hold of real milk (non-homogenized), I figured now’s the chance. You know just for learning and experience wise. If I can get grass-fed milk, you bet I will be making my own butter frequently. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Don’t think I can find any in Malaysia.

Real Milk
Cream – where butter is born.

Do you know that real milk when left untouched, will separate into two layers; cream on the top and milk at the bottom? The cream, rich in fat will rise to the top forming a thin layer. Now, separate this cream from the milk and you get fresh cream.

Experiment #1: Making butter in a bottle
This is the easiest way to make butter. Place cream in a bottle and tighten the lid. Now, shake like crazy until the butterfat and buttermilk are separated.

Real Milk
Fresh cream.

Butter Making In A Bottle - 20 Minutes Later
Shook the bottle for 20 minutes and this is the result.

Butter Making In A Bottle - 20 Minutes Later
I went from “Did I just made butter?” to “Is this butter? Hmmm…”.

Butter Making In A Bottle - 20 Minutes Later
It sure looks like butter but it’s not since the cream did not separate. I guess this is whipping cream.

Butter Making In A Bottle - 40 Minutes Later
And so I shake and shake the bottle again. This is 40 minutes from when I first started. Check out the shaking action here.

Butter Making In A Bottle - 40 Minutes Later
It sure looks a little different now from 20 minutes ago.

Butter Making In A Bottle - 40 Minutes Later
Hmmm… ???

Butter Making In A Bottle - 1 Hour 30 Minutes Later
This is the result after shaking the bottle for a total of 1 hour 30 minutes!!! The cream never separate. I read that it takes only about 10 minutes to make butter in a bottle. This took WAY too long.

In the end, I only made whipping cream. Not sure why the cream never becomes butter. Anyway, I downed everything after completing the experiment. 😛

3 weeks later…

Experiment #2: Making butter with immersion blender
The cream I obtained from this batch wasn’t much. Still, I tried blending it.

Butter Making Immersion Blender
In less than 10 minutes, I got butter and buttermilk!

Butter Making Immersion Blender
Sorry for the unappetizing hand. Haha

I ate everything; butter and buttermilk right there with fleur de sel. Yum!

I’m planning to retry the butter making in a bottle experiment in the future. Will update the result here.

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