Failed! Let's Experiment

Failed: Mr. Shorty Marble Cake!

I baked a VERY simple marble cake following Rachel Allen’s Chocolate & Vanilla Marble Cake recipe and and it came out of the oven as Mr. Shorty! *nightmare* If you still do not know what I meant… it means my cake didn’t rise!!!

My Failed Marble Cake
If only all the marble cakes in the world are short. This would be categorized as the nicer one. Hehe

Thank God I’m not a chef or this would be hilarious. Hmmm or if I’m a chef maybe this would not be happening to me! Just read my About Me page and you will know why I prefer cooking over baking.

Marble Cake
What I think I did wrong:

1. I used a different cake tin size.
– I’m suppose to use a 20cm cake tin. Mine is 24cm. Figured surely no problem. What do I know?
– Guess it’s time for me to invest a new pan.

2. Baking powder is too old?
– According to Troubleshooting Butter Cakes @ Joy Of Baking, usage of old baking powder is one of the cause.
– Tested my baking powder for ‘fizziness’ with hot water (to see if the baking powder is still good). It has some fizz effect but I won’t know it’s good until I have a new one to compare.
– Baking powder expiry date is December 2010.

3. Wrong creaming method/Over folding.
– Seriously I always thought creaming of butter and sugar is simple stuff. After reading Crafty Baking’s Creaming Method, I don’t think so anymore.
– My mixture became lumpy after adding flour and milk. It’s suppose to be like that but I didn’t know at that time so I over mixed it. Gulps!

Of these 3 points, I think the most likelihood I did wrong was point no. 3. I’m going to read Crafty Baking’s Mixing Method before going for 2nd trial. Most probably I’ll change my creaming and folding technique in trial no. 2.

Meanwhile, let’s have a good laugh at my marble cake, Mr Shorty… hahaha

My Failed Marble Cake
This is embarrassing. Sure. But I’m brave enough to show the world of my failure. 🙂

Born too short? No problemo. Finished the cake we did!

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  • Reply Arianne May 31, 2010 at 4:24 pm

    This cake looks delicious!! maybe I’ll try it one day when I’m not on a diet (A)

  • Reply Che-Cheh June 1, 2010 at 8:15 am

    Hi Arianne, do try the cake and tell me the result. I’m going to attempt this cake again soon.

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