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Delish Lu Rou Fan From Formosa Chang @ Taiwan

On the evening of our day 3 Taiwan trip, we decided to have a fulfilling dinner before embarking towards the food paradise called Shilin Market. We had our dinner at Formosa Chang 鬍鬚張, about 10 minutes walk from Jiantan MRT (the stop for Shilin Market).

Braised Pork Rice @ Formosa Chang, Banqiao, Taiwan
Heaven on earth. 💓 🙂

Now, why would we want to eat dinner before visiting Shilin Market? It was my sis’ idea actually. She didn’t want to have assortment of small bites/snacks as dinner (like what we did at Ningxia Night Market). And I gotta say it was the BEST idea ever! One, because we finally get to try Formosa Chang and two, visiting Shilin Market on Saturday evening is a really bad idea. It was VERY packed and extremely difficult to walk, what more to queue for food.

So… Formosa Chang it is!

Menu @ Formosa Chang, Shilin, Taiwan
Formosa Chang’s menu. No English but at least they have photos.

Order Sheet @ Formosa Chang, Shilin, Taiwan
The order sheet which is in Chinese. You can mark your own order or sometime the waiter will help you with it.

Takeaway Menu @ Formosa Chang, Shilin, Taiwan
Was told this is menu for takeaways. Ohmygod they look so mighty delicious!

Formosa Chang @ Shilin, Taiwan
When we came here (~6.10pm), there were only one or two filled tables. Now look at this… it’s almost full. We kinda attract the crowds (I’ve noticed this happening quite a lot) hahaha. The wooden tables and stools give the restaurant a traditional feel.

**Breaking news**
Because the braised pork rice (lu rou fan) at Formosa Chang were so delish, we had another round of Formosa Chang two days later at Banqiao, New Taipei City. The food below are combinations of both locations.

Bitter Melon Pork Ribs Soup @ Formosa Chang, Shilin, Taiwan
Bitter melon pork ribs soup 苦瓜排骨湯 @ NT$75. Very hearty.

Ginseng Chicken Soup With Red Dates @ Formosa Chang, Banqiao, Taiwan
Ginseng chicken soup with red dates 紅棗人蔘雞湯 @ NT$100. Oily but nice.

Braised Pork Rice @ Formosa Chang, Shilin, Taiwan
Braised pork rice 滷肉饭 @ NT$35. Serves with pickled vegetable although we can’t seem to identify what veggie is this. This lu rou fan is so good! It has more fats than lean meat (I’m not complaining 😉 ). It tasted different from the one we had at Ningxia Night Market (which was also very good). Oh and the one at Ningxia has more lean meat than fats.

Chicken Rice @ Formosa Chang, Shilin, Taiwan
Chicken rice 雞肉飯 @ NT$35 with sprinkles of fried garlic. Really good too.

White Rice @ Formosa Chang, Shilin, Taiwan
Plain white rice @ NT$18. Ordered by my dad because he is weird. He ate it with the rest of the side dishes below.

Fried Tofu @ Formosa Chang, Shilin, Taiwan
Fried tofu 老皮嫩肉 @ NT$29. Yum!

Taiwanese Lettuce @ Formosa Chang, Banqiao, Taiwan
Taiwanese lettuce 水耕A菜 @ NT$45. I’ve never eaten this type of lettuce before and I love it. So yum again.

Braised Pork Knuckles @ Formosa Chang, Shilin, Taiwan
Braised pork knuckles 豬腳 @ NT$80. I tasted the lean part a bit, nice too.

Braised Pork Shank @ Formosa Chang, Banqiao, Taiwan
Braised pork shank 蹄膀 @ NT$95. I prefer the pork knuckles above.

Pepper Chicken @ Formosa Chang, Shilin, Taiwan
Pepper chicken 椒麻雞 @ NT$70. Ohh this one is good too but very spicy.

Formosa Chang Products @ Shilin, Taiwan
Formosa Chang’s products. We bought a packet of braised pork sauce and chicken sauce each @ NT$165 per packet. Have yet to try them as I’m not sure how to cook them (will need to translate the instructions first). I’ve made the sauces, check out this post.

Formosa Chang @ Shilin, Taiwan
The staffs wear the famous ‘Formosa Chang Cut Five’ tees. They are efficient and friendly.

I’ve tried two Formosa Chang’s locations and the taste are consistent which is good. All in all, Formosa Chang is a fab place to get my fix of braised pork rice because it’s easily available at many locations. Yes, I think I can eat this every day if I stay in Taipei. Haha Besides that it’s rather affordable. The food served also reminds me of warm homecooked meal.

Have you tried Formosa Chang? Do you like it?

Braised Pork Rice @ Formosa Chang, Banqiao, Taiwan
Here’s another one to tempt you (or myself). 😀

Formosa Chang (Shilin)
No. 66, Section 4, Chengde Rd,
Shilin District,

Tel: (+886) 2 2886-1145
Opening hours: 10am-11pm, daily
Nearest MRT: Jiantan MRT


Formosa Chang (Banqiao)
No. 126號, Section 2, Shuangshi Rd,
Banqiao District,
New Taipei City,

Tel: (+886) 2 8252-4679
Opening hours: 10am-12am (midnight), daily
Nearest MRT: Jiangzicui MRT


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