Fishball Story @ Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore

Since our accommodation, Five Stone Hostel is very near to Golden Mile Food Centre, we visited this hawker place thrice in 4 days. That’s how much we love this place. Hehe

We chanced upon Fishball Story the night of day 3 of our Singapore trip and my sister remembered this young owner of Fishball Story have taken part in a TV contest which I also watched partly. Since the stall has closed for the night, we plan to go the next morning, our last day in Singapore.

We arrived about 10-15 minutes before 9 in the morning and Douglas, the young owner/cook is still making his fishball in a big plastic basin. Not long after he signaled to us that we can order now.

The story of Fishball Story:

The Fishball Story isn’t just a story. It is about touching lives of others, reminiscing childhood and reminding how our grandmothers make it happen in their kitchens.

My grandmother’s handmade fishballs ignited my passion to spread the fishball story. Her recipe was simple and she only uses the best of ingredients. That being said, I wanted to share what real fishballs should taste like.

Dedicating this story to all of you who honor traditional handmade fishballs, who appreciate the familiar flavors, who enjoy the comfort food at home and not to forget, who simply love BOUNCY fishballs.


Fishball Noodles @ Fishball Story, Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore
Fishball noodle @ S$3.50. Bouncy fishball and fish slice, crispy pork lard (chu yau char), fried shallots, green onions and spicy sauce makes this bowl a pleasure delight. The spicy sauce is just moderately spicy. The fishball is definitely the best I’ve eaten so far.

Fishball Noodles @ Fishball Story, Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore
As much as I enjoy this fishball noodle, as soon as the noodle become cold… it became very greasy and it took me quite an effort to finish it. So my advice is either you finish the bowl of noodle as soon as possible or request Douglas to add less oil.

Fishball Story @ Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore
Fishball Story is located at level 1 at 01-85. Opens from 9am onwards.

Do check out Fishball Story Facebook for info on closing because sometimes he will close the stall for washing or holiday.

Fishball Story @ #01-85
Golden Mile Food Centre
505 Beach Road
Singapore 199583


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