Ole Ole Bali @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang

Almost every time when I am at Empire Shopping Gallery I would pass by Ole Ole Bali. I lusted over their food. I lusted over the restaurant’s warm ambience. But a look at their menu would turn me away because this Balinese restaurant is crazily expensive for my standard. Finally one fine day in June this year, I gave in to the temptation. Was it worth the $$? Oh yeah, baby!!! Please excuse the photos quality. I rarely bring my DSLR out for dining nowadays.

Before I proceed, have a warm Merry Christmas to all Messy Witchen’s readers. Eat lots of cookies for me, please. 😛

Nice Ambience @ Ole Ole Bali
This greeted us once we were seated… candlelight with floating flowers.

What we ordered:

Nasi Campur @ Ole Ole Bali
Nasi campur @ RM37.00. From the menu: combination of Balinese grilled lemongrass prawns, squid, fish, chicken/beef rendang and sate lilit served with sambal kangkung, lawar kacang (bean salad), rempeyek (anchovy cracker), sambal terasi and sambal matah.

I LOVE this nasi campur. The sambals were awesome and so were the prawns, squid, fish and chicken. The only thing I didn’t like is the anchovy cracker which I think is too thick. I would love my cracker thinner and crispier.

Cumi Mentumis @ Ole Ole Bali
Cumi mentumis @ RM33.00. It’s stir-fried squid with four angle beans and chili with the same sides as nasi campur.

Be Pasih Mepanggang @ Ole Ole Bali
Be pasih mepanggang @ RM31.00. Main is the BBQ fish fillet with Balinese spices.

Fresh Lemongrass & Ginger Tea @ Ole Ole Bali
Fresh lemongrass and ginger tea @ RM9.00. Yummmy but not sweet enough for me.

Honey, Lemon & Passion Fruit @ Ole Ole Bali
Honey, lemon and passion fruit @ RM9.00. This drink is not bad.

Iced Blended Pulut Hitam & Iced Blended Honey, Mint & Honeydew @ Ole Ole Bali
On the right is iced blended pulut hitam @ RM12.00 and left is iced blended honey, mint and honeydew @ RM12.00.

Nice Ambience @ Ole Ole Bali
I love the decoration and ambience.

These are hearty meals that will fill you up to the brim. The food are so heavenly. But. Yes there’s a but. I don’t think I can eat it always. I think because it always fill me up real bad, I kinda feel sicken by it. I guess all I need to do is to share my plate of Nasi Campur with you all, right? 🙂

Ole Ole Bali
LG 27, Empire Shopping Gallery,
Jalan SS16/1,
47500 Subang Jaya
Tel: 603-5022 2629

Business hours: 11am-11pm, daily


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