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Pho Vietz @ Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya – closed

Note: This shop has closed down.

When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, I’m a real donkey. I’ve only heard and seen phở and bánh mì on TV and I’ve never eaten Vietnamese food before. Well, all that’s changed now after my visit to Pho Vietz. I had planned to blog about this place since late last year but ahh there are just so many things to do in everyday life (+procrastination). It’s never too late to share a good eating place if it’s good, right?

I have visited Pho Vietz twice so far and both times I was blown away by how good they are. The marriage of fresh herbs + pickled vegetables with meat are the flavor bomb. I am definitely in love with Vietnamese food. A trip to Vietnam would be fantabulous, eh?

Here are what we ordered from our two visits there…

Vietnamese Atiso Tea & Vietnamese Coffee With Milk @ Pho Vietz
Left: Vietnamese Atiso Tea @ RM6.50 which comes with a teapot and two teacups. Trà atiso means artichoke tea. Wow! I LOVE the weird exhilarating aftertaste of this tea.

Right: Vietnamese Coffee With Milk @ RM7.90. I only tasted this a bit and it was nice.
Not in picture: fresh avocado milk shake @ RM9.90. Not our favorite as it’s too sugary.

Marinated Lemongrass Pork Chop Rice @ Pho Vietz
Marinated lemongrass pork chop rice @ RM16.90.

Marinated Lemongrass Chicken Chop Rice @ Pho Vietz
Marinated lemongrass chicken chop rice @ RM16.90.

Both the pork chop and chicken chop were ordered by the same person on her two separate visits there. LOL I was told it was yummy but eating too much of it can be queasy. I think this is because of the large portion. I would skip the rice if me.

Spring Roll & Lemongrass Pork With Vermicelli @ Pho Vietz
Spring roll and lemongrass pork with vermicelli @ RM14.90. Gosh, it has everything I love and more… sweet-savory-tangy! I couldn’t stop praising… from my first to the last bite. My mates were very annoyed (haha). For my standard, this is a big portion. I couldn’t finished it and hence packed some home. I always take an empty food container with me.

Spring Roll With Vermicelli @ Pho Vietz
Spring roll with vermicelli @ RM14.90. This is exactly like the above minus pork. I think the one with pork is more worth it. Tsk, because I’m a gardening addict and I don’t have a Thai basil plant at home, I saved the shoot of the basil served in this bowl and planted it in my house pot. Hehe crazy or what? I’ll share a link with photo later.

Vietnamese Baguette With Pork Ball (Bánh Mì) @ Pho Vietz
Vietnamese baguette with pork ball (bánh mì) @ RM9.90. When this was served, I had a “What?” in my head. Ohh, so not appetizing.

Vietnamese Baguette With Pork Ball (Bánh Mì) @ Pho Vietz
Took a peek on what’s in there… hmm not impressed.

Vietnamese Baguette With Pork Ball (Bánh Mì) @ Pho Vietz
Took a bite and I knew I found another favorite. So good!

I didn’t order the one with liver pate because I’m not sure I will like it. Next time?

Pho Vietz @ Atria Shopping Gallery, Damansara Jaya
The atmosphere and design of the restaurant are relaxing and nice. One think I can’t believe is they have lots of staff which is good. Food arrived at an acceptable manner. If you go late during dinnertime you might have to queue (especially on weekends).

Oh btw, they sell Vietnamese food products as well. I almost wanted to buy a box of trà atiso but held back.

Pho Vietz
T8 & T9 Third Floor,
Atria Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS 22/23,
47400 Damansara Jaya,
Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 603-7731 3020

Business hours: 11am–9.45pm, daily


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