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Tim Ho Wan @ Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur – closed

Note: This shop has closed down.

I missed my chance dining at Hong Kong’s Tim Ho Wan when I was there in 2011. Who knew they would open a branch right here in Kuala Lumpur? With just less than a month after its opening in Mid Valley City, I braved the loooong-ish queue to get a taste of the famous dim sum from this Hong Kong’s Michelin Star restaurant. I went with very high expectation since I’ve heard good reviews of their dim sum in Hong Kong.

Queuing @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
I started queuing around 10.05am with at least 40 persons in front of me (4 rows). Got seated around 10.50am. That’s 45 minutes of queuing. Not bad I would say for mid morning Saturday.

Message @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
A notice for the patrons. Yes, you must have all your gang present before they can give you a table.

Order Form @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
While waiting in line, fill out your order. By this time, I was shocked at the price of the dim sum. WOW! I expected the price would be expensive but I still got a shock. Haha

Menu @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
Tim Ho Wan’s menu.

Here are what we ordered. Photos taken weren’t the best because I want to quickly wallop those dim sum before it gets cold.

Pork Dumpling With Shrimp @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
Pork dumpling with shrimp @ RM10.80. The prawns are fresh but taste wise is mediocre (a little bland) for me. I guess I prefer stronger taste.

Glutinous Rice With Lotus Leaf @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
Glutinous rice with lotus leaf @ RM12.80. This one is good. The glutinous rice were soft (just the way I like it) and the meat (I forgot chicken or pork) is yummy.

Prawn Dumpling @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
Prawn dumpling @ RM11.80. Mediocre for me.

Spring Roll With Egg White @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
Spring roll with egg white @ RM7.80. The egg white is a bit salty. There are better spring roll out there.

Spinach Dumpling With Shrimp @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
Spinach dumpling with shrimp @ RM7.80. I quite like this.

Dumpling Teochew Style @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
Uhmm looks a bit unappetizing because of the way the dim sum is presented. Taste is not bad. This dumpling Teochew style @ RM7.80 has peanuts and I can’t remember what else. Mind was flying around because of the noisy atmosphere.

Vermicelli Roll With Pig's Liver @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
Vermicelli roll with pig’s liver @ RM10.80. I didn’t taste this.

Baked Bun With BBQ Pork @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
Baked bun with BBQ pork @ RM10.80. This is so yummy. The crust is sweet and crunchy while the inside greets you with melted BBQ pork. Best dish from Tim Ho Wan! Don’t miss this.

Vermicelli Roll With BBQ Pork @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
Vermicelli roll with BBQ pork @ RM12.80. The vermicelli roll is a bit thick while the taste of the BBQ pork is rather poor.

Tonic Medlar & Osmanthus Cake @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
Lastly we ordered this dessert called tonic medlar and osmanthus cake @ RM6.80. This jelly is very aromatic (from the osmanthus) and fresh. This sweetness is just perfect. Another star dish from Tim Ho Wan.

Some of the dim sum come in 3 pieces instead of 4, so if you have four person it’ll be a pity if one has to miss out on the food. You can request a plastic knife from the waiter.

10 dishes with 4 x Chinese tea bring the total to be RM125.95. First time I had dim sum this expensive. 😀

Tim Ho Wan @ Mid Valley City
With that kind of price I paid for the food here, I expected a more upscale decoration & furniture. Thankfully the stool were comfy. The loud music and noises from the patrons can be quite intimidating. But then it also symbolizes how ‘wong’ (good business) this restaurant is.

Brunch @ Tim Ho Wan, Mid Valley City
My only complain is the small table they provided for the four of us. There were not enough room to place everything. So I have to quickly take my share for the waiter to clear the plates.

Tim Ho Wan @ Mid Valley City
How would I judge the food? There are some hits and many misses. Go for baked bun with BBQ pork and tonic medlar and osmanthus cake. You’ll thank me later. As for the misses, I hope they can improve the quality. Will I be back? Yes, as I’ve got a few more dishes I didn’t get to taste. Truthfully, I am rather disappointed with the overall food. My mom and dad likewise.

Tim Ho Wan
27-G, Ground Floor, The Boulevard,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2201 5081
Doesn’t take reservation.

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 10am-10pm (last order 9.30pm)
Saturday, Sunday & public holidays: 8am-10pm (last order 9.30pm)


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  • Reply Adelina January 14, 2015 at 7:04 am

    I didn’t know there was a Tim Ho Wan in Malaysia! I went to one in Hong Kong and I was not impressed either. The only good dish we had were the BBQ pork buns. Everything else was small and on the mediocre side. I don’t get the hype.

    • Reply Che-Cheh January 14, 2015 at 3:33 pm

      Hi Adelina, I heard from friends that HK’s THW is better compared to here. So it’s a mixed reviews then. Can’t wait to go HK and try the original shop.

  • Reply Audrey January 30, 2016 at 8:53 am

    The opening time on Sat and Sunday has changed to 8am.

    • Reply Che-Cheh January 30, 2016 at 1:58 pm

      Hi Audrey, thank you! 🙂 I’ve updated my post.

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