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Ben’s General Food Store @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur

Ah finally I’ve set foot in Publika and more precisely Ben’s General Food Store. Gotta say Publika is like a ghost mall. Funny I see lots of cars but I don’t see many people! I actually went to Publika for The Week of Taste bazaar but could not find anything that interest me.

Ben’s General Food Store is actually a grocery store that stocks lots of imported gourmet products from all around the world. Its cafe is where you want to hang out because that’s where they feature foods that uses ingredients from their store.

Cappuccino @ Ben's General Food Store, Publika
Cappuccino @ RM7.90. This one is nice.

Tabbouleh of Bulgur Wheat Salad @ Ben's General Food Store, Publika
Tabbouleh of bulgur wheat salad with chickpeas, tomatoes, cucumber, parsley and mint @ RM12.90. I didn’t like it because I find the taste to be all over the place. The ingredients just doesn’t fit well together but my sis on the other hand love it. Also I find the quantity to be too little. Come on we paid RM12.90 for it.

Pizza Magherita @ Ben's General Food Store, Publika
Pizza Magherita with tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil @ RM19.90. This one I like-y. It’s one of the better pizza I had in Klang Valley BUT they are so stingy with the ingredients again. I bet you can count how many basil leaves is on the pizza. I demand more tomatoes and mozzarella too!

Our Late Lunch @ Ben's General Food Store, Publika
An overview of our table. Gotta say I love the plates. It reminds me of the plates used in olden days but of course this one is just melamine if I’m not mistaken. I’ve seen Parkson selling this kind of plates which is made of glass. Oh and did I tell ya I love the table too? Wood table is my fav. 🙂

Banana Cake @ Ben's General Food Store, Publika
I tapau-ed a slice of their banana cake @ RM10.90. It was oozing with wonderment. Oh heaven! Remember sometimes you cannot judge taste by its looks? This is one good example. I was brought down to earth with just 1 spoon. Ahh forgettable.

Ben's General Food Store @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur
Overall the service was pleasant and the staff is very helpful and friendly. I love the setting of the cafe too but a little more space between tables is preferred. I can hear my neighbor talking so loud as if I’m in their table!

Despite the so-so experience I would definitely go back for more pizza and perhaps try their lasagna, portobello mushroom and pasta.

Ben’s General Food Store
Lot No. 1A, 83-95, Level UG1, Publika
1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas 50480,
Kuala Lumpur


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