Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Bukit Tinggi 2, Klang

Around a year plus ago, a new Korean restaurant opened near my place called Todam Korean BBQ. I’ve patronized Todam thrice so far and I can say that they’re not bad but could be better. Not too long now, there will be another Korean BBQ restaurant sprouting near my neighborhood. Soon I will have 3 choices of Korean restaurants to go to; Todam, Korean BBQ Seoul Garden Restaurant and the coming new one. Yup that make me a very happy lil’ big girl. 🙂

Let’s see what Todam has to offer. I took some photos using my Samsung Galaxy S3 when I was there for dinner and lunch.

Here’s my dinner meal…

Banchan @ Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant
Banchan. 9 side dishes. They’re not bad but not great either. Kimchi only has slight hint of sourness. Good news for those who can’t take sourish kimchi.

Dwaeji Bulgogi @ Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant
Dwaeji bulgogi @ RM40.00. This pot is perfect for 3-4 person. It has marinated pork, onions, 2 types of mushrooms, spring onions and carrot. Not sure why this dish is called bulgogi. I thought bulgogi means grilled? Can someone enlighten me? The waiter cook for us while we dig at other dishes.

Dwaeji Bulgogi @ Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant
Dwaeji bulgogi is finally cooked. It’s really yum. The taste is sweet and the pork is very well-marinated.

Doenjang Jjigae @ Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant
I finally ordered doenjang jjigae from a Korean restaurant. All this while I’ve been making doenjang jjigae at home with no comparison with the outside world. Well, this doenjang jjigae is delish at first, a lil’ spicy but super salty towards the end. Thanks to all the shellfish and crabs in there. This doenjang jjigae cost RM18.00 and come with a bowl of rice.

And these below are lunch meal.

Dolsot Dwaeji Bulgogi Deopbap @ Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant
Dolsot dwaeji bulgogi deopbap 돌솥불고기덮밥 @ RM15.00. This is same as the dish above (dwaeji bulgogi). Sweet and yummy. But you know what? Too much sweetness is boring. I think this will be my last time to order anything that has to do with dwaeji bulgogi.

Dolsot Ojingeo Bibimbap @ Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant
Dolsot ojingeo bibimbap 돌솥 오징어 비빔밥 @ RM15.00. This is hot stone squid bibimbap with broccoli and carrot. Not really spicy and the squid were cooked to perfection. Very delicious.

Dolsot Yeoneo GuYee Bibimbap @ Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant
Dolsot yeoneo guyee bibimbap 돌솥 연어구이 비빔밥 @ RM15.00. This is hot stone grilled salmon bibimbap. It’s just a so-so dish. The salmon were dried (over-cooked) and salty (maybe due to the capers). No sauce were added hence a bit dull.

What baffle me is why they bother to put the dolsot wording at the front of the meal’s name if you ain’t gonna cook the ingredients in the stone pot and nah those are just earthen-ware.

All lunch meal come with a bowl of soup and banchan (3 side dishes) to share.

Lunch Menu @ Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant
This is the lunch menu. It have a few pages but I took photos some only.

Lunch Menu @ Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant

Lunch Menu @ Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant

Lunch Menu @ Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant
I see jajangmien in there. Will try it someday.

All in all I find the dinner and lunch menu here to be very interesting and the varieties are abundance. Some of my dissatisfaction (which I think they can improved on) are:
1. Offer better quality rice. It’s normal for Korean restaurant to charge a bowl of rice at RM5.00. However Todam is the only Korean restaurant which I find the rice disappointing. It doesn’t have the ‘yum’ smell that normal Korean rice has.

2. Service is a bit slow especially on busy night.

3. Lack of sesame oil in their dishes. It’s quite a put off when I can’t smell+taste sesame oil in Korean meal. Please be more generous with your sesame oil.

Seatings @ Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant
Ambiance inside Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant. It was lunch time… hence the place was quite empty. Seeing the BBQ stove reminds me that I have never order BBQ dishes at Todam. Know why? They require you to order at least 2 servings or more of the same menu. If not the deal is off. Sigh. I’m not sure if they have change the rules. Tsk, I tried BBQ-ing myself and it was fun. Don’t ever let the employees BBQ for you, as ours were always overcooked.

Wifi & Reservation Info @ Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant
Wifi password and reservation number.

Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Bukit Tinggi 2, Klang
Todam is smack right at the corner of the shop lot with PappaRich on the ground floor. Very easy to find. 🙂 I like Todam’s signage. It’s very colorful. Btw 토담 (Todam) means earth wall.

Todam Korean BBQ Restaurant
No. 24, 1st floor,
Lorong Batu Nilam 21A,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2,
41200, Klang,
Tel: 03-3318 6955

Business hours :
Monday to Sunday – 11.30am-3pm and 5.30pm-10pm


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    Is this halal?

    • Reply Che-Cheh August 20, 2014 at 8:07 pm

      This restaurant is non-halal.

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