Ting Ho Steamboat Restaurant @ Taman Bayu Tinggi, Klang – closed

Note: This shop has closed down.

What’s special at Ting Ho Steamboat Restaurant?


Porridge Steamboat @ Ting Ho Steamboat Restaurant
On Father’s Day, we brought our dad to this restaurant for a sumptuous meal of porridge steamboat. It was the first time for all of us. How’s the outcome? The porridge steamboat is so so… so so heavenly. It feels like eating my dad’s minced pork porridge. Except this one comes with ingredients. ๐Ÿ˜›

How did we come to know this place? We had dinner at a shop 2 door away a couple of times before. And that’s when my sis told us about this corner shop that served porridge steamboat. I don’t believe her at first. Coz I’ve never heard of such ‘food’ before. Have you?

My dad even volunteered to investigate this matter. He came back with this answer: soya bean soup! Hahaha. I’m not sure why but my dad has a thing with soya bean.

Besides porridge, this restaurant also serves the standard soup and tom yam version. Will try them next time.

This is the porridge steamboat (at the beginning) before we add ingredients.

Porridge Steamboat (at the beginning) @ Ting Ho Steamboat Restaurant
Sesame oil is added in to give the porridge extra UMPHH! ๐Ÿ™‚

As you can see the porridge is watery. You can almost see no ‘porridge’ in there except the porridge water (“am” in Hokkien). Thick porridge will cause a sticky base (burnt). Also a clay pot is use instead of the typical stainless steel pot.

Porridge Steamboat Ingredients @ Ting Ho Steamboat Restaurant
The waitress recommended us to order 2 person sets although there’s 4 of us because porridge steamboat is very filling.

Porridge Steamboat Sauces @ Ting Ho Steamboat Restaurant
Sauces & fried shallots and garlic to accompany the steamboat.

Porridge Steamboat Ingredients @ Ting Ho Steamboat Restaurant
A closer look at the ingredients.
2 person sets @ RM30.

Yummy Fish @ Ting Ho Steamboat Restaurant
Once the porridge is boiling, it’s time to put all the ingredients in. Then close the cover back and wait for it to boil.

Porridge Steamboat @ Ting Ho Steamboat Restaurant
Makan time!!! (eating time)

Porridge Steamboat @ Ting Ho Steamboat Restaurant
Yum-yum-yum. Slurp-slurp-slurp. Sorry no time to talk. Mouth is busy. Hahahaha
Yes it’s THAT delicious.

We also ordered 2 side dishes as below.

Fried Seafood Tofu @ Ting Ho Steamboat Restaurant
Fried Seafood Tofu @ RM5.00. This tofu was perfect. Love it.

Fried Lala Meehoon @ Ting Ho Steamboat Restaurant
Fried Lala Meehoon @ RM10.00. The lalas are quite rubbery and the meehoon taste is just so-so. Not really worth to order.

Chinese tea @ RM3.00.
The bill came to RM48.00.

Yup can you believe it? RM48.00 for 4 person. Totally worth it!
Cheap price & great food. What more could a customer ask for?
Do try them ya?

Ting Ho Steamboat Restaurant

Ting Ho Steamboat Restaurant (corner shop)
No. 2, Lorong Bayu Tinggi 4C,
Taman Bayu Tinggi,
41200 Klang,

Tel: 012-3455208, 016-2289509

Business hours: 5.30pm-11.30pm, daily

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