Teochew Porridge @ Sin Teo Heng Restaurant, Klang

Near the Klang KTM station, there’s this particular stretch of road which I really like. The pre-war buildings, the go back in time/antique-ness atmosphere and those businesses which have stood the ground at this particular street and still exist today. Also because I used to come here often when I was a kid with my great grandmother to this traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) shop called Yen Woh Company. All this adds up my love for this street called Jalan Stesen 1.

Teochew Porridge @ Sin Teo Heng Restaurant, Klang

Yet, I’ve never knew the existence of Sin Teo Heng Restaurant which is only two doors away from Yen Woh. It was only recently (a year or two back) when my mother and me dropped by Yen Woh that I spotted this eatery. I think the reason I never knew its existence is because the restaurant is always close. They only open for business from 11.30am to 3.30pm (4 hours) from Monday to Saturday. Which then a question pops up in my mind: How can they survive with just 4 hours of business, 6 days a week? Guess I will never know.

More than giving you oomph, the food here just like any Teochew porridge restaurant give off the homely vibe – it never failed to transport me back to my childhood time although I’m no Teochew lang. That’s why whenever I saw a Teochew porridge restaurant, my heart will beat happily. My favorite Teochew porridge restaurant is called Teochew Porridge Restaurant at Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah near the old Pudu Jail. But I haven’t patronize them in ages since we heard about the gangster problem. I also like two other Teochew porridge restaurants at Subang. One I found out recently had closed down. Sad.

Variety of side dishes greeted us once we stepped inside the restaurant. Once I visited them before 12pm and not all dishes were out yet. So it’s advisable not to go early. Go after 12pm/12.30pm or in my case here I visited them at 1.30pm.

Variety Of Side Dishes @ Sin Teo Heng Restaurant, Klang

Variety Of Side Dishes @ Sin Teo Heng Restaurant, Klang

Porridge & Rice Area @ Sin Teo Heng Restaurant, Klang
The porridge and rice station. If you’re not a fan of Teochew porridge (watery type) or you want to fill your tummy faster, you can opt for rice. I just love those bowls and I have quite a few of them myself inherited from my late paternal grandma.

Sin Teo Heng Restaurant @ Klang
Can you see a glass container filled with brown sauce with yellow lid? That’s their special Teochew bean paste sauce to be eaten with fish.

Sin Teo Heng Restaurant @ Klang
Plenty of seating. Just look at the floor tiles. Antique!

Our four side dishes for 3 people:

Fried Eggs With Onions @ Sin Teo Heng Restaurant, Klang
Fried eggs with onions. My favorite!

Braised Tofupok, Pork & Egg @ Sin Teo Heng Restaurant, Klang
Braised tofupok, pork and hard boiled egg. Yum!

Spicy Lala @ Sin Teo Heng Restaurant, Klang
Spicy lala. Delish.

Sliced Potatoes In Dark Sauce @ Sin Teo Heng Restaurant, Klang
Sliced potatoes in dark sauce. Another one of my fav. Plain but tasty.

My Teochew Porridge Lunch @ Sin Teo Heng Restaurant, Klang
My Teochew porridge lunch. Simple, nostalgic and affordable. I had 1.5 bowls of porridge.

2 bowls of porridge, 2 bowls of rice and 4 side dishes cost: RM20.40.

Upon paying for my meal, I asked the lady boss how long Sin Teo Heng have been in operation and she told me it was started by her grandfather 56 years ago. Please give this old eatery some support as these type of establishment can rarely be seen nowadays.

After your meal here, you can grab a delicious dessert in the form of cendol at the first hawker stall (2 or 3 shops away on the left with you standing facing outside Sin Teo Heng). There are several shoe shops on this street as well, one that is particular old school. I’ve bought sandals there. Ohh and there is a newly open coffee shop directly opposite Sin Teo Heng which I heard is good. I’ve passed by the shop and it smells heavenly of coffee. Too bad I can’t take coffee now or else I would have give them a visit.

Now the problem with Jalan Stesen 1 is parking problem. It’s always very busy here. There are 2 parking lots which were actually old buildings torn down. If not, you can choose to park at the road side located on both side of the shops along the street. It’s usually our first choice. Too kiam (stingy) to pay parking fee! Haha

Sin Teo Heng Restaurant @ Klang

Sin Teo Heng Restaurant
(Teochew Porridge)
21, Jalan Stesen 1,
41000 Klang,
Tel: 03-3372 4028

Business hours:
11.30am-3.30pm (Monday to Saturday)
Closed on Sunday and public holidays


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  • Reply Christal January 19, 2018 at 2:02 pm

    Came across this post while researching on old businesses in Royal Klang. Thank you for this lovely write up, we need more people to blog about these homely and traditional businesses as the new generations (my generation haha) tend to prefer the hipster cafe vibes.
    Gonna check out this place for lunch!

    • Reply Che-Cheh January 19, 2018 at 11:01 pm

      Hi Christal, you’re most welcome. 😉 Hope you enjoy your lunch there.

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