Number One Claypot Rice Restaurant @ Berkeley, Klang

Aptly named as the Number One Claypot Rice Restaurant, this claypot chicken rice shop in Berkeley garden, Klang is my favorite so far. It has the right ingredients, taste and love all mix together! Although I’ve been to this restaurant in my early teens, I stopped going there due to parking woes (yeah really).

2 years back, I went back to this restaurant again. Oh yeah it feels good to be back. Why did I give it a miss all these years??? Of course the parking is still giving me headache and my dad suddenly mentioned he doesn’t like this claypot anymore. But after a couple more visit, his view has changed from no good to veli (very) good. Hahaha

Claypot Chicken Rice
My pot of gold! With marinated chicken, salted fish bits, Chinese sausage slices (lap cheung) and spring onions as garnish.

Absolutely amazing claypot rice. The taste of the rice is sweet and soft and the chicken was marinated to perfection. My only complaint is the salted fish bits. I don’t like it in small bits sizes. Wish they’ll add some large salted fish flakes in there. Now that’s 100% heavenly.

Charred & Caramalized Rice - Yummy
The real deal!!! Charred and caramelized rice at the bottom and side of claypot. This is everyone’s favorite. We always fight till the last one. Including my grandma!

Claypot Chicken Rice
For 5 of us, we ordered 2 medium claypots (for 2 person each) and 1 small claypot (for 1 person).

[Updated Jun 2019] Claypot rice pricing:
Claypot for 1 person – RM8.50
Claypot for 2 people – RM16.00
Claypot for 3 people – RM19.00

Of course we need some veggies to balance our meal…

Yau Mak With Oyster Sauce
Blanched yau mak with oyster sauce @ RM8.00. Lovely!

So what’s their secret to such an amazing claypot chicken rice?

Cooking Claypot Rice With Charcoal Stove
Perhaps it’s the use of charcoal stoves?

Worker Manning The Claypot Charcoal Stoves
or the stove worker’s skill?

Seasonings For Claypot Chicken Rice
or perhaps the secret lies in the seasonings?

Cooking Area & Man Of The Kitchen
Whatever it is, you gotta ask this man for the answer and I don’t think he’ll tell. Haha All I know is you need all the combinations above to make a good claypot rice. Ohh and L.O.V.E too.

In Action The Final Steps
Capturing the old man in action.

For all the cooking/kitchen photos above, I asked the old man for permission and he gladly smiled and nodded. I had to be a little thick face that day as everyone was watching me (patrons and workers included). *trying to act as if nothing special is going on. I don’t like to take photos under pressure.

The place is always packed during the weekend. So far we have fairly good luck finding parking and seats. You don’t have to wait long. Once you order, the claypot rice will be served in about 3-5 minutes (for our case). They also have various Chinese soup as well. I’ve ordered it before long ago, not recently as the rice itself is enough to keep me full but I know a bowl of soup will be good to go with the rice.

Number One Claypot Rice Restaurant

Number One Claypot Rice Restaurant (corner shop lot)
Jalan Lang, Taman Berkeley,
41500 Klang,

Close on Tuesday.


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  • Reply small Kucing March 7, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Thanks will go there one of these days. I like the harden black rice.

    • Reply Che-Cheh March 7, 2012 at 2:14 pm

      The charred rice are not healthy but irresistible right?

  • Reply Dawn March 8, 2012 at 4:32 am

    Yes, I like the burnt rice. That’s the thing about Msia I miss the most is all these great tasting restaurants that’s all over the city/town. Have to make my own minus claypot, which replace by rice cooker! LOL

    • Reply Che-Cheh March 8, 2012 at 11:03 am

      I’ve tried making my own claypot chicken rice. Using a claypot I got the charred thingy happening but taste is a disaster. Haha Ahh my dad used to use rice cooker for making claypot rice.

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