Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant @ Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, Klang

Update 16th February 2020: This restaurant has been using photos from this post without my permission in their menu book. Please remind them stealing is bad. Photographer owns the copyright of the photos.

We been making weekly rounds to Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant ever since we found this excellent food-fast service eatery. With my must-eat-when-hungry-or-else-gastric condition, this place has been a blessing to me. Even when the place is fully packed, food will be served in 10-15 minutes. I’m really amazed.

Beggar Chicken @ Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant
Are you salivating?

With plenty of varieties it will take us sometime to sample all of them. Here are a few dishes from my 2 visit.

Baby Kailan With Garlic @ Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant
Baby kailan with garlic @ RM10. Lovely.

Tau Fu Kang @ Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant
Tau fu kang (tau fu soup) @ RM14. Consist of crab meat, mushroom, fish stomach.
Very good but not the best I’ve eaten.

Asam Prawn @ Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant
Asam prawn (tamarind prawn) @ RM20. Fresh prawns and awesome asam curry.

Sweet & Sour Red Snapper (Hung Jo) @ Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant
Sweet & sour red snapper (Hung Jo) @ RM36. Not really into the sauce but fish is fresh.
I found many versions of sweet & sour but none can tingle my taste bud yet.

Seong Tong Yuen Choy @ Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant
Seong tong yuen choy @ RM10. Spinach soup with tau fu knots & kei chi (wolfberry).
Super YUM!!!

Steamed Siakap Fish In Sweet Soy Sauce
Steamed siakap fish in sweet soy sauce @ RM45. It’s good 🙂

Yam Basket @ Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant
Yam basket (wu put) @ RM15. Pleasant but too small for 6 person. LOL

Salad Homemade Tofu @ Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant
Salad homemade tofu @ RM12. It’s seafood tofu.

Beggar Chicken @ Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant
Beggar chicken @ RM16. Ohh it’s so soft and tender.

Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant
Young and old enjoying dinner.

The food that the cooks dishes out are immaculate & tasty. The food taste are not over-powering. They’re just perfect! I guess that explained why the packed restaurant. No?

I plan to order crabs next time. I’m sure it will be really fresh seeing that they ‘semi-rear’ the crabs in an aquarium. Then there’s also the matter of ‘tai chow’.

And I’m going to venture to New Boston Restaurant to compared these two.

Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant

Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant
2580A, Persiaran Raja Muda Musa,
41100 Klang,
Mobile no: 012-2309996, 012-6661919

Business hours: 3.30pm-12.30am daily
Close on Monday.


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  • Reply Swee San November 2, 2010 at 5:05 pm

    dont’ forget to try the salted egg mantis prawn..

    i’ve been eating there for years!! since before they moved to the current shop..

  • Reply Che-Cheh November 2, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    Swee San, ohh haven’t try that!

    Where was their previous location? My dad said kinda saw them before but can’t pinpoint it.

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