Wonderful Ramen At 一風堂 Ippudo @ Urayasu, Japan

We spent our whole of day 10 at Tokyo DisneySea. Had super late lunch (=3pm) at Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery inside Tokyo DisneySea (click link to see what we ate if you’re interested). For dinner, we went for something which I can say classic; ramen! So happened our point of exit from Disney Resort line at Resort Gateway Station brought us to a shopping mall called Ikspiari. We were really tired, and so dining there to recharge our battery was the best choice. As soon as we saw Ippudo at the mall’s directory, we knew we gotta try it at least once in Japan.

I’ve tried Ippudo in Taiwan and Malaysia. While the one in Taiwan (my first time) blew me away, the one in Malaysia (The Gardens) was a real disappointment. Read on to find out where does Ippudo in Urayasu stands in my book.

Ippudo @ Urayasu
Ippudo at Ikspiari is located on the 3rd floor of Gracious Square. There was a queue when we arrived. I think we waited for about 20 minutes. The condiments offered here are different from the two other Ippudos except beni shoga (pickled strips ginger) if I’m not mistaken.

Ippudo @ Urayasu
Love the design as always. And the ambiance was relaxing enough for me to enjoy my meal in this weary state. Sorry for the yellowish-reddish photo. I don’t know how to edit this one.

We were seated about 7pm and our bowls of ramen arrived like 5 minutes later. That fast??? That’s because order were taken while we were standing in line.

Poached Egg & Soft-Boiled Egg @ Ippudo, Urayasu
Poached egg and soft-boiled egg at 100 yen each.

Shiromaru Motoaji 白丸元味 @ Ippudo, Urayasu
Shiromaru motoaji 白丸元味 @ 790 yen. I never get tired of this classic. Love the tonkotsu broth, al dente noodle and everything else.

Akamaru Shinaji 赤丸新味 @ Ippudo, Urayasu
Akamaru shinaji 赤丸新味 @ 850 yen. Another must-have. This one has special blended miso paste and garlic oil infused in the tonkotsu broth.

Remember to add lots of crushed sesame seeds on your ramen before you devour it!

Ippudo @ Urayasu
Ramen bowls as decoration. So very creative!

I exited the restaurant feeling really satisfied and energized. Now, that’s a hallmark of a wonderful delicious meal! Tsk, I notice that when I ate at Ippudo Taiwan and Japan, are times when I have had a really long day (almost to the brink of exhaustion). Haha

一風堂 Ippudo
3F Gracious Square, Ikspiari
1-4 Maihama
Urayasu-shi, Chiba
千葉県 浦安市舞浜 1-4 イクスピアリ3F グレイシャス・スクエア

Tel: +81 47-305-5886
Opening time: 11am-11pm, daily (last order 10:30pm)
Nearest station: Maihama, Disney Resort line


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