キッチンオリジン Kitchen Origin @ Tokyo, Japan

We discovered a treasure place for dinner not far from our hostel, Nui in Tokyo on day 14 of our Japan trip. Every time we passed by Kitchen Origin, the food inside always looks so tempting. So we decided to give it a try before flying home soon. Kitchen Origin, owned by AEON, is a take-out only bento shop. It just opened less than two weeks prior to our visit actually. I found out about it at their Toshu website. Previously, it was occupied by Origin Bento オリジン弁当, a sister company also by AEON.

Unlike Hotto Motto, there’s no ticket meal machine here. In Kitchen Origin, you either order at the counter and the food will be cooked for you or you take your pick at the already prepared bentos and side dishes.

Kitchen Origin @ Tokyo
These are the side dishes, sold by weight. Many salad choices, which is sold by weight too.

Our Dinner From Kitchen Origin @ Tokyo
These cost 495 yen.

Our Dinner From Kitchen Origin @ Tokyo
Eating in our hostel’s common room. Our dinner spread and mikan from our visit to Farmer’s Market at UNU earlier of the day. You can also order a bowl of rice to go. We didn’t.

Our Dinner From Kitchen Origin @ Tokyo
The food were yummyyyy! So much so that we had Kitchen Origin for dinner again on day 15 (our last night in Japan).

Kitchen Origin @ Tokyo
One of the best thing about Kitchen Origin? It never closes! Yep, it opens 24 hours.

キッチンオリジン Kitchen Origin (蔵前店 Kuramae Store)
3-12-8 Kuramae
Taito-ku, Tokyo
東京都 台東区 蔵前 3-12-8

Tel: +81-3-5833-3151
Opening time: 24 hours
Nearest station: Kuramae


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