こころにあまい あんぱんや Kokoroniamai Anpanya @ Osaka, Japan

While heading to our okonomiyaki lunch on day 2 in Osaka, we saw this particular bread shop with rows of shining anpan on display. Yup, it were calling us… begging for attention to be eaten! So after having our delicious meal, we stopped by Kokoroniamai Anpanya こころにあまい あんぱんや to sample our first ever and only anpan in Japan.

What’s an anpan? It’s a sweet bun filled with yummy filling. The filling can vary from the most common ones such as red bean, green bean, chestnut, green tea, sweet potato, custard to more creative ones such as cream cheese, curry, etc.

Kokoroniamai Anpanya @ Shinumeda Shokudogai, Osaka
So many choices.

Kokoroniamai Anpanya @ Shinumeda Shokudogai, Osaka
Here’s more!

Kokoroniamai Anpanya Menu
We struggled a bit during ordering because we were referring to their Japanese menu. It’s only after ordering, we saw this English menu. Hahaha

Good Customer Service By Kokoroniamai Anpanya @ Shinumeda Shokudogai, Osaka
We bought 5 pieces of anpan to share; 2 x chestnut buns (119 yen each), 1 x green tea anpan (119 yen), 1 x red bean anpan (119 yen) and 1 x Osaka anpan; with red bean paste and walnut (195 yen).

Now what blew my mind was their customer service. We were told of the handwritten labels on the buns so we know which is which. That’s very thoughtful of them. 👍

Chestnut Bun From Kokoroniamai Anpanya @ Shinumeda Shokudogai, Osaka
Chestnut bun with generous amount of chestnut filling.

Overall, the buns are normal but it’s indeed better quality than the ones I had back home. The filling is not overly sweet which is good.

Kokoroniamai Anpanya @ Shinumeda Shokudogai, Osaka
Kokoroniamai Anpanya is located at Shinumeda Shokudogai 新梅田食道街 (interconnects between Osaka Station & Umeda Station). It is a restaurant street which opened in 1950. If you cannot find this location, please ask the locals because it’s a bit difficult to find.

こころにあまい あんぱんや Kokoroniamai Anpanya
1F Shinumeda Shokudogai (1F here means ground floor)
9-24 Kakudacho
Kita-ku Osaka-shi
大阪府 大阪市北区 角田町 9-24 新梅田食道街 1F

Tel: +81-6-6312-9790
Opening time: 10am-9.30pm daily
Nearest station: Umeda


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