福太郎 Fukutaro @ Osaka, Japan

After tackling our first takoyaki in Japan at Takoyaki Doraku Wanaka on our first day in Osaka, we went for okonomiyaki next for dinner. According to Tabelog, Fukutaro 福太郎 is ranked no. 2 in Osaka (at time of writing), so I had more than normal expectation for it.

We went at 6.20pm and was shown to another entrance at the side which opens up to another dining area. There are four to five tables with raised floor seating. There were no queue at that time but if I remember correctly the main restaurant were nearly packed.

Fukutaro @ Namba, Osaka
In the main restaurant, there are counter seating where you can watch the chef cooks.

Draft Beer @ Fukutaro, Namba, Osaka
Draft beer @ 540 yen. If you don’t order drink, they give you cold water. I usually ask for warm water when dining in Japan. 🙂

Fukutaro @ Namba, Osaka
We were so ready to dig in but where’s the food?

Yakisoba @ Fukutaro, Namba, Osaka
Finally the first dish arrived. Took 15 minutes of waiting. This is yakisoba @ 720 yen. It’s was a mixture of salty and sweet and come with very few pieces of sliced pork. The soba reminded me of our yellow mee available back home. Not a fan.

Viking Okonomiyaki & Negiyaki @ Fukutaro, Namba, Osaka
Waited another 13 minutes for the two last dishes. .

Viking Okonomiyaki @ Fukutaro, Namba, Osaka
Viking okonomiyaki @ 1680 yen.

Viking Okonomiyaki @ Fukutaro, Namba, Osaka
Viking okonomiyaki comes with shrimp, squid and scallop in sparse quantity. Really not worthy of the 1680 yen. Overall, the taste were not bad.

Pork Negiyaki @ Fukutaro, Namba, Osaka
Pork negiyaki @ 980 yen. Negiyaki is okonomiyaki made with lots of spring onions.

Pork Negiyaki @ Fukutaro, Namba, Osaka
I love spring onions and was looking forward to this but unfortunately it was quite salty.

We were also given the wrong bill (without a word of sorry). So remember to check thoroughly before paying. We all left the eatery with a salty memory. Overall, the food were mediocre. Something is missing, maybe it was the secret ingredient: Love. For the quality, quantity and size vs price, I say it’s pricey. When we left the restaurant, there were a long line. So go early.

We tried another okonomiyaki place called Kiji the next day and I was highly satisfied with the one at Kiji. Click the link to read my review.

Fukutaro @ Namba, Osaka

福太郎 Fukutaro
2-3-17 Sennichimae
Chuo-ku Osaka-shi
大阪府 大阪市中央区 千日前 2-3-17

Tel: +81-6-6634-2951
Opening time: 5pm-12.30am (Mon-Fri), 12pm-12am (Sat, Sun & public holidays)
Nearest station: Nippombashi


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