名物 三島そば Meibutsu Mishima Soba @ Mishima, Japan

On day 8 of our Japan trip, we left Kyoto for Fujikawaguchiko with a 2 hours stopover at Mishima. My initial eating plan at Touchuuken got burned because I didn’t realize this shop is inside the ticket gate in Mishima Station (although I saw the shop right after we alighted the shinkansen). Meong!!! (Blur blur) I thought we could go in again or maybe there’s another Touchuuken outside the ticket gate. What’s so special about Touchuuken? Well, it’s a standing style soba place where you eat while standing.

Anyway, we ended up eating at Meibutsu Mishima Soba 名物 三島そば which is located at another part of Mishima Station. It’s actually in Izuhakone Railway 伊豆箱根鉄道 (inside Mishima Station) and yet can be accessed from outside of Mishima Station. Meibutsu Mishima Soba is a semi-standing eatery. If you alighted at Izuhakone Railway, there’s only the stand style option but if you’re like us coming from outside of Mishima Station, you have the options of eat standing and also sitting. Guess which one I went for? Read on… hehe

Meibutsu Mishima Soba 名物 三島そば @ Mishima
Meibutsu Mishima Soba 名物 三島そば. If you look at the right, there’s a ticket gate. So those at Izuhakone Railway, can only stand at the outside of this shop to have their meal. Of course, they can choose to exit the gate or before going in the gate to have their meal sitting down inside the shop.

Meibutsu Mishima Soba 名物 三島そば @ Mishima
Stools for sitting and the high table on the right foreground for those prefer standing. Okay, so I went for the stool because I was tired. Haha

Menu @ Meibutsu Mishima Soba 名物 三島そば, Mishima
Multi-lingual menu (Japanese, English and Chinese). Yay!

Meibutsu Mishima Soba 名物 三島そば @ Mishima
After deciding what you want, you will need to order at the machine (center). Only Japanese are written at the machine, so you need to compare it with the Japanese characters on the menu. The machine will dispense the ticket(s) and then you pass it to the cook. The cook, a friendly Japanese lady helped us with the ordering because we were the only customers at that time.

Soon, many working men came to have their lunch and most of them prefer standing!

Meibutsu Mishima Soba 名物 三島そば @ Mishima
Kitchen area. Once your meal is ready, she will shout out the name. Since there’s only one person manning the shop (I didn’t see anyone else helping during my visit), food preparation can take a little bit of time.

Kakiage Soba かき揚げ そば @ Meibutsu Mishima Soba 名物 三島そば, Mishima
Our hot kakiage soba かき揚げ そば @ 470 yen. It was a very basic meal but delicious nevertheless. The kakiage was made from mixed vegetables and not oily at all. The green stuff in there is wakame, a type of seaweed.

Kakiage Soba かき揚げ そば With Onsen Tamago 温玉 (Hot Spring Egg) @ Meibutsu Mishima Soba 名物 三島そば, Mishima
We all ordered the same thing but this one has onsen tamago 温玉 (hot spring egg) with additional 70 yen.

A check on Tabelog when writing this post, showed me that their shiitake mushroom soba is the most preferable option by most Japanese. Anyhow, choose whatever you prefer. If you tried the mushroom soba, do let me know if it’s really yummy.

名物 三島そば Meibutsu Mishima Soba
16-1 Ichibancho
静岡県 三島市 一番町16-1

Tel: +81-55-975-1216
Opening time: 10am-6pm, daily
Nearest station: Mishima


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