大戸屋ごはん処 Ootoya Gohan-Dokoro @ Kyoto, Japan

For our very first dinner at Kyoto on day 4, we choose to have it at Ootoya Gohan-Dokoro 大戸屋ごはん処 or just Ootoya for short. It’s a famous chain dining restaurant focusing on teishoku (Japanese set meal). It has branches all over Japan and oversea. You might have seen Ootoya in your country as well.

In Kyoto, there are four Ootoya shops. We went to the one at Sanjo dori. Ordering was easy as they have English menu. For limited/seasonal dishes, they only have it in their Japanese menu. So make sure you check them out too. The atmosphere was really cozy (imagine family style restaurant) and food were served in timely manner.

Charcoal Grilled Atka Mackerel @ Ootoya, Kyoto
Let me show you what I ordered first. Charcoal grilled atka mackerel @ 780 yen. I ordered the dish minus rice, miso soup and pickles. In other words, à la carte. This dish wasn’t my first choice. I wanted charcoal grilled mackerel but it was sold out. The atka mackerel was really salty and has an odor that I’m not accustom to. Due to that I had to beg some rice from my mates to down it with.

Home Style Simmered Chicken Cutlet Set @ Ootoya, Kyoto
Home style simmered chicken cutlet set @ 859 yen. It was tasty according to my travel mate.

Steamed Vegetables & Yongenton Silky Pork Hot Pot Soup Set @ Ootoya, Kyoto
Steamed vegetables & yongenton silky pork hot pot soup set @ 887 yen. I gave this a try and the pork was super awesome and the pumpkin was overloaded with sweetness.

Hiroshima Fried Oyster Set @ Ootoya, Kyoto
Hiroshima fried oyster set @ 942 yen. This is a limited/seasonal offering.

Hiroshima Fried Oyster Set @ Ootoya, Kyoto
Crunchy on the outside and super fresh, tender and plump oyster inside. Perfect kaki fry かきフライ! Highly recommended since the person who ate this kept on saying how good this is.

Ootoya @ Kyoto
Ootoya is located on the first floor (2nd floor Japanese standard) of Goshoame building (御所飴ビル). You can’t miss the vivid blue signboard.

大戸屋ごはん処 Ootoya Gohan-Dokoro (京都三条鴨川店 Kyoto Sanjo Kamogawa store)
2F Goshoame Building
98 Nakajimacho
Sanjo Dori
Kawaramachi Higaishi-iru
Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi
京都府 京都市中京区 三条通河原町東入ル中島町98 御所飴ビル 2F

Tel: +81-75-255-4811
Opening time: 11am-11pm, daily
Nearest station: Sanjo


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