Lovely Parfait From 家傳京飴 祇園小石 Kaden Kyoame Gion Koishi @ Kyoto, Japan

On a cold rainy autumnal Kyoto, one would think people will shy away from any cold treats and thus us, the smart tourist 😅 will get a table as soon as we arrive. But nope. When we reached Kaden Kyoame Gion Koishi 家傳京飴 祇園小石 around 2.55pm after our visit to Yasaka Shrine on day 7, there was a long line ahead. And though I have this thought: “Let’s just go”, I didn’t have the heart to utter it because my sister is a big fan of matcha parfait.

We waited for around 30 minutes, standing most of the times and later sitting (when it’s near our turn). After placing our order, the sweet treats arrived some 16 minutes later. Doesn’t sounds long but I believe most, if not all of the ingredients are supposed to be prepared before hand?

Warabimochi & Anmitsu Set わらび餅と餡蜜のセット @ Kaden Kyoame Gion Koishi 家傳京飴 祇園小石, Kyoto
Warabimochi and anmitsu set わらび餅と餡蜜のセット @ 1,070 yen. Both are super delicious especially after adding their famous brown sugar syrup. The brown sugar (kokutō) sourced from Okinawa is unlike anything I’ve tasted before; dreamy!

Brown Sugar Parfait 黒糖パフェ @ Kaden Kyoame Gion Koishi 家傳京飴 祇園小石, Kyoto
Brown sugar (Kokutō) parfait 黒糖パフェ @ 1,010 yen.

Matcha Parfait 抹茶パフェ @ Kaden Kyoame Gion Koishi 家傳京飴 祇園小石, Kyoto
Matcha parfait 抹茶パフェ @ 1,010 yen.

Autumn Koishi Parfait 秋小石パフェ @ Kaden Kyoame Gion Koishi 家傳京飴 祇園小石, Kyoto
Autumn Koishi parfait 秋小石パフェ @ 1,180 yen. This one is seasonal and since it’s autumn when we visited, chestnut is the automatic choice. There’s chiffon cake in the parfait too.

Took us 30 minutes to polish everything. Overall, a very filling (there were burps involved!), delectable and expensive treats. If I convert, it’s over RM100 for these parfaits. Ya, only during holidays I am willing to spend like this. I forgot to mention, they also serve warm complimentary teas. And suppose each person need to order something.

Besides offering parfait, kakigori (summer), warabimochi and the likes in the cafe/tea area (ground and first floor), Kaden Kyoame Gion Koishi’s store front is actually a candy store. We tried some samples and it was wonderful.

Kaden Kyoame Gion Koishi 家傳京飴 祇園小石 @ Kyoto
Facing Yasaka Shrine, the shop is located on the left (extremely near to the shrine). Refer the map below.

家傳京飴 祇園小石 Kaden Kyoame Gion Koishi
286-2 Gionmachi Kitagawa
Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi
京都市東山区 祇園町北側 286-2

Tel: +81-75-531-0331
Opening time: 10.30am-7pm (last order 6pm), daily
Nearest station: Gion Shijo


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