Beautiful Mount Fuji Yōkan From 金多留満 Kindaruma @ Fujikawaguchiko, Japan

Fujikawaguchiko was the place that I look forward to visit the most during my virgin Japan trip last year. What’s so special about Fujikawaguchiko? Mount Fuji!!! 🗻 You can see Mount Fuji from here and it’s also the more popular base for climbing Mount Fuji. You see, Fujikawaguchiko is situated at the foothills of Fujisan. There’s also a really big lake in Fujikawaguchiko called Kawaguchiko (Kawaguchi Lake).

On day 9, after visiting Oishi Park 大石公園, we stopped by Kindaruma 金多留満 for this one of a kind wagashi called Mount Fuji yōkan. Being a biggie fan of Fujisan, I made sure to grab this unique souvenir. What’s yōkan? Yōkan is a type of Japanese jelly dessert. Its texture is way thicker from any regular kinds that I’ve eaten before.

Let’s visit the shop first:
Wagashi @ Kindaruma 金多留満, Fujikawaguchiko
Kanetamaru mochi かねたまる餅 (left) and 財縁金塊菓, a type of cake which looks a lot like financier (right).

Wagashi @ Kindaruma 金多留満, Fujikawaguchiko
Many types of wagashi. From the mix, we bought two types to try.

Limited Mount Fuji Yōkan (Jellies) @ Kindaruma 金多留満, Fujikawaguchiko
Limited Mount Fuji yōkan 数量限定 富士の錦 @ 2,230 yen. Beautiful, right?

Winter Mount Fuji Yōkan 冬富士羊羹 @ Kindaruma 金多留満, Fujikawaguchiko
Winter Mount Fuji yōkan 冬富士羊羹 @ 1,500 yen. This one is only available from early December to late January. There are 3 other patterns/flavors for the three other seasons.

Mount Fuji Yōkan 富士山羊羹 @ Kindaruma 金多留満, Fujikawaguchiko
Mount Fuji yōkan 富士山羊羹 @ 1,400 yen. We bought this one.

Our loot:
Chestnut Daifuku 栗大福 @  Kindaruma 金多留満, Fujikawaguchiko
Chestnut daifuku 栗大福 @ 230 yen. Delish. We ate this outside the shop while waiting for the local red line bus back to Kawaguchiko Station.

Mont Blanc Daifuku モンブラン大福 @ Kindaruma 金多留満, Fujikawaguchiko
Mont Blanc daifuku モンブラン大福 @ 270 yen. Even yummier. Ate this in the bus on the way to Tokyo.

A Box Of Mount Fuji Yōkan 富士山羊羹 @ Kindaruma 金多留満
Mount Fuji yōkan 富士山羊羹 in a beautiful white box. Love the simplistic design.
“Our goal is to bring people sweets filled with the culture, traditions, seasons and products of Mt. Fuji.” – written on the box.

I was so worried the yōkan will be spoiled by the time we bring it back home which was a week later. Thankfully it didn’t. Must be the sugar eh (great preservative!) ?

Mount Fuji Yōkan 富士山羊羹 @ Kindaruma 金多留満
Yōkan is typically shaped in block form like this.

Cross-section of Mount Fuji Yōkan 富士山羊羹 @ Kindaruma 金多留満
And when you slice it, you get the shape of Mount Fuji. 😍

Cross-section Of Mount Fuji Yōkan 富士山羊羹 @ Kindaruma 金多留満
Fujisan in my hand. Hehehe I’m always happy when I eat it. Indeed it’s a great gift for Mount Fuji fans. It’s super duper delicious too. The green is made from matcha, red/brown is made from red beans and white is just simple sugar.

Kindaruma 金多留満 @ Fujikawaguchiko
You won’t miss this shop as it’s located by the lake and besides there’s only one road going around the lake. Mount Fuji is just behind it. If you take the Kawaguchiko Sightseeing Bus (red line), get off at Kawaguchiko Sarumawashi Theater/ Konohana Art museum bus stop (no. 18).

Kindaruma honten (head office) is located at the south side of the lake.

金多留満 河口湖畔店 Kindaruma (Kawaguchi Kohan-ten)
3019-1 Kawaguchi
Fujikawaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun
山梨県 南都留郡富士河口湖町 河口 3019-1

Tel: +81-555-76-8700
Opening time: 9am-5pm, daily
Nearest station: Kawaguchiko Sarumawashi Theater/ Konohana Art museum bus stop (no. 18) via Kawaguchiko Sightseeing Bus (red line)


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