澳洲牛奶公司 Australia Dairy Company @ Jordan, Hong Kong

Our day 3 breakfast in Hong Kong was at Australia Dairy Company. I’ve always been curious about their scrambled eggs which I heard and read so much about. It’s only my third visit to Hong Kong that I finally able to give this place a try. Besides their famous scrambled eggs, they’re also known for rude and fast service (keep your cool and must order fast-fast weh!). Well, that’s what I read and jotted down in my itinerary. I’ve encountered some rude services before, so how rude can they be? Read on baby.

Australia Dairy Company @ Jordan, Hong Kong

We arrived at around 9.50am and there were a short queue outside the restaurant. The person that mans the queue handles the situation rudely. Having encountered the same thing the day before, it doesn’t surprise us anymore. About 10 minutes later, we were ushered in with two ladies and all four of us were seated at the same table near the kitchen. Hmm so far so good.

So we sat there and the waiter asked what we want to order. I requested an English menu because I plan on pointing my order to them. The menu on the table is in Chinese. He went away and never came back. After a moment, I requested a menu from the nearest waiter. He scolded me telling me to wait, can’t I see they’re busy? Well, I can see he’s just standing there. Haha Anyway, after awhile more, I walked to the counter to get the English menu myself. I’m sure they’re proud of me for not bothering them, right? Wrong! After getting two menu books, I was stopped at the track. The waiter told me to sit down, they will bring it to me. And asked me why I bother bringing two menus? One is more than enough according to him and proceeds to grumble-grumble.

After a little waiting, they finally brought the English menu. The two ladies in our table also ordered from the English menu (with some Chinese characters). They were scolded too. 🙁

Occasionally we will hear the waiters mumble to themselves about something they’re unsatisfied about. What a tough life.

Steamed Milk Pudding With Egg White @ Australia Dairy Company, Hong Kong
Steamed milk pudding with egg white (hot) @ HK$28. I like it but my sister said not nice. It’s smooth and quite sweet.

Initially, the waiter brought steamed egg pudding with almond flavor to us. We told the waiter it’s not what we ordered, and he rudely took it away and went grumbling by himself. We monitored him until he brings us the correct one, you know just in case something extra appears in our pudding. Because of their behavior, we can’t help but be suspicious. Hope you understand.

By this time, my sis told me she would never ever come here again. I totally understand. Who would want to eat at a place full of negative vibes and rude service?

Scrambled Eggs On Toast @ Australia Dairy Company, Hong Kong
Scrambled eggs on toast @ HK$20. Being an egg person all my life, I know a good one when I taste it. This one is salty and less than mediocre. Nothing special. I really don’t understand why it’s so popular. Perhaps the ones we got just happened to be cooked not up to standard?

The best scrambled eggs I had in Hong Kong was at Caritas Bianchi Lodge. We stayed there 11 years ago, and I still remember I had their scrambled eggs for breakfast every day. So good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breakfast @ Australia Dairy Company, Hong Kong
Our breakfast at Australia Dairy Company. Most probably this will be our first, only and last time.

Despite the rude attitude, I just laughed it off because I’m used to this situation every day. My dad speaks the same way as them. My dad talks rudely in a low tone and scold the family out of no reason. It’s a pity because this is not the way to live. You’re just killing yourself with your own attitude, and making people walk away. Although I’m used to this situation, I try my best not to put myself in it. So, yes I walk away from toxic people because I love myself!

Me: Can you sense you’ve been in this situation before?
Sis: Yes, they are like dad lor.

Well, after dining here I would say this place takes the cake for their unbelievable good attitude.

Breakfast @ Australia Dairy Company, Hong Kong
Our food spread (including from the two ladies). We asked them if the food is nice. They just smiled. We left at the same time, and you know what? We finished our food, but the two ladies didn’t finish everything.

Long Queue @ Australia Dairy Company, Hong Kong
Long queue when we left. All I can think of is “It’s a trap!”. Just my own perception ya.

Australia Dairy Company @ Jordan, Hong Kong
It looks like a happy place out front.

If you’ve been to Australia Dairy Company, please let me know how you find the food and service. Did you dine there again? Was the situation better the second or third time?

澳洲牛奶公司 Australia Dairy Company
47 Parkes Street,
Jordan, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2730 1356
Opening time: 7.30am-11pm, daily except closed on Thursday
Nearest MTR station: Jordan, exit C2


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  • Reply Rhonda July 4, 2018 at 12:53 pm

    Wow! Sounds like a big bruhaha over scrambled eggs…They should treat customers nicer and maybe they will get more customers!

    • Reply Che-Cheh July 4, 2018 at 4:27 pm

      Hi Rhonda, regarding the scrambled eggs, maybe it’s just my unlucky day. Business is good I suppose since it’s always packed and there is a queue outside the restaurant.

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