Le Trumilou @ Paris, France

Our dinner for the last night in Paris is at a traditional Parisian restaurant, a door or 2 away from La Cuisine Paris (very near to Notre Dame Cathedral) called Le Trumilou. After our morning visit to Roland Garros, we went to Poilâne and Pierre Hermé. Then we did some shopping near our hotel before dinner came calling.

Le Trumilou @ Paris, France
Dinner time at Le Trumilou, a bistro that that served French cuisine. It’s situated by the Seine River.

Le Trumilou @ Paris, France
Most of the tables are in long rows – traditional French sitting. You can also find table for 2 and 4.

Le Trumilou @ Paris, France
Complimentary bread. Can you see the H&M bag? That’s my favorite place to shop for clothes.

As the menu is in French, we depended on the waitress to tell us what’s on it. They have Menu set which consist of starter, main course and dessert for €20.50 and Formula set which consist of either starter and main course or main course and dessert for €16.50. We choose 2 Formula set as we knew we won’t be able to finish a full course meal; 1. starter and main course 2. main course and dessert.

Note: Dish name taken from website menu. Not sure if I got it correctly.

Caviar d'aubergine (eggplant caviar) @ Le Trumilou, Paris, France
Caviar d’aubergine (eggplant caviar) as starter. I’m not a fan of eggplant but this one is nice.

Filet de sandre crème de basilic (Zander fillet with basil cream) @ Le Trumilou, Paris, France
The main: Filet de sandre crème de basilic (Zander fillet with basil cream). I love the greens, the fish and the cream. Lovely. I couldn’t finish it all. Aii what a waste.

Grillade de porc aux herbes (Grilled pork with herbs) @ Le Trumilou, Paris, France
The main: Grillade de porc aux herbes (Grilled pork with herbs). I love this dish too. The pork is so tender. It’s a stew with green beans.

For dessert we have crème caramel to go as we were too full. Full to the brim actually! It was a satisfying dinner, not the best though for me. My sis meanwhile love it very much.

We only ask for tap water as our drinks (yes you can do this in France and will not be charged any $$). The bill came to €33.00 (€16.50 x 2).

Le Trumilou @ Paris, France

Le Trumilou
84 Quai De L’Hotel De Ville
75004 Paris
01 42 77 63 98


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