Port Campbell

Craypot Bistro @ Lord Street, Port Campbell, Victoria

After spending a good 35 minutes at Twelve Apostles with the best sunset that we could possibly wish for, we head to our accommodation for the night at Port Campbell. After briefly check-in at Port Campbell Hostel, we were ushered to get our dinner done with as the shops in Port Campbell closes early.

Sure enough at around 7.30pm, the town already seems deserted with only a couple of restaurants still operating. We saw a bistro and figured there must be food in there. Thank God it had. Craypot Bistro is what its called. Craypot is such a cute name, don’t you think so?

Craypot Bistro is located at Port Campbell Hotel. We came by the bistro entrance and went to the restaurant area. Upon entering, you could hear us sing Hallelujah (in our mind though!). Plenty of comfort food and they smell so delicious. There’s a small crowd of diners which I guess must be the hotel’s occupants.

Here’s what we had (shared among the 2 of us):

Garlic Bread @ Craypot Bistro, Port Campbell
Garlic bread @ AUD5.00.
Not the best I’ve tasted.

Grilled Atlantic Salmon @ Craypot Bistro, Port Campbell
Grilled Atlantic Salmon @ AUD21.00.
Fresh, tantalizing, THE BEST… ohh I want more!

My only wish was they have crayfish but alas crayfish season was just over (back in August).

I so wanted to show you the bistro and restaurant interior but unfortunately the photos above were the only 2 I took as we were dead tired. Oh well there’s always next time. 🙂

Craypot Bistro @ Port Campbell Hotel
40 Lord Street,
Port Campbell Victoria 3269,
(03) 5598 6320
0418 387 031

Business time: Lunch & dinner, daily


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