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  • Quick & Easy, Snack, Vegetable

    Grilled Butternut Squash

    My sis recently bought a butternut squash and assigned me to cook it for her. In Malaysia, you can get butternut squash at supermarket like Ben’s General Food Store or sometimes Jaya…

  • Chinese, Side Dish, Snack

    Spicy Tea Eggs

    This spicy tea eggs recipe is made from star anise and black Chinese tea. It’s so simple to make and the beautiful marbling effect is pretty awesome. But you know what? I…

  • Snack

    Boiled Water Caltrops

    This hideous and menacing looking ‘thingy’ that resembled bat or bull’s head and horns is called water caltrop or water chestnut. In Korean it’s called 물 마름쇠 (mul mareumsoe) or 菱角 ling…