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  • Fish

    Pan Fried Turmeric & Paprika Salmon

    This week, let’s continue with my love for turmeric and paprika. I’ve always like turmeric and paprika and the reason why I’ve been utilizing them more than usual is because my sis…

  • Fish

    Simple Grilled Salmon with Dill Yogurt

    Knock knock! Anyone’s here? I feel like a stranger in my own food blog. Haha Roadblocks suddenly came tumbling into my life which takes cooking out of the questions. No worry. I…

  • Fish

    Fried Threadfin Fish (Ma Yau) With Soy Sauce

    The first time I ever handle a fish from start to finish (excluding cleaning the fish) is when I fried this threadfin fish. Touching this raw fish felt like touching dead body;…