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  • Drinks, Japanese

    Kinako Latte きな粉ラテ

    Kinako きな粉 or 黄粉 is roasted soybean powder/flour. It is known as yellow flour in Japan. This flour is usually used for coating mochi (a type of wagashi), topping for ice-cream and…

  • Chocolate, Coffee & Tea

    Osmanthus Tea

    Osmanthus fragrans or gui hua 桂花 is a flowering plant. Its flower also known as osmanthus which has been dried can be used to make tea. I bought this flower tea last…

  • Chocolate, Coffee & Tea, Indian

    Masala Chai

    Who is a masala chai lover? ME!ME!ME! Literally masala means combination of spices and chai means tea. So masala chai is basically a mixed spice tea. Many addresses this beverage as chai…